Dumped cross-eyed kitty seeks home for Christmas

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An abandoned black and white tabby cat named Bob, who lives on the streets, has not been able to find a home. Described by the townspeople along Jubilee Crescent in Coventry, England, as the look-a-like for the hypnotized panther Bagheera from the story The Jungle Book, the cross-eyed kitty was dumped two years ago by her owner after he left in the middle of the night – leaving Bob behind to fend for herself.crossed-eye-cat-2

According to YahooNews, the news agents of McColl felt sorry for the shy cat and built her a little hut where she could stay, but so it seems no one has offered her a permanent home because of her “looks.”

“We don’t know what’s wrong with her eyes; she’s always been like that,” explained one of the staff. “It doesn’t seem to affect her at all, she’s fine, but she’s grown shy because people haven’t handled her in so long.”

And now the locals are putting out a plea hoping that Bob finds a wonderful home for the holidays. If interested in giving sweet Bob a home, please contact the McColl’s newsagent.

(Photos of  cross-eyed kitty via Yahoo)

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    • Melissa Dvorak says:

      Hi Liz!
      Please contact wherever this baby is at. The info should be in the article. They don’t always see these comments. Good luck! Keep me posted!


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