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Little Foot: Dog with birth defect of both front legs needs help

Meet Little Foot. Somehow this three-year-old terrier with a congenital birth defect of both front legs was found by Animal Control as a stray. The sweet dog is currently being cared for at the Miami-Dade … Read More

Rex only has today to be rescued: Returned to shelter starving

At the Miami Dade County Animal Services, Rex is back. In 2015, Rex was adopted as a bright, friendly and healthy 54-pound young dog. And now four years later, Rex weighs only 28 pounds, is … Read More

Senior pup Rocky waits and watches for his family: No one came for him

Rocky is a senior, and his heartbreaking tale is just one of thousands, but when we see it and feel his pain, the reality sets in. For hours every day, Rocky sits, watches and waits … Read More

Labrador retriever previously adopted from shelter dumped after hit by car

A two-year-old black and brown Labrador retriever name Peaches had been adopted from Miami-Dade Animal Services when she was a cute and cuddly puppy. She thought her family would love her forever, but on Tuesday, … Read More

Saving Casper: Poster dog for brutality of the streets before saved by shelter

No one knows exactly what happened to three-year-old Casper, but the adorable and extra-friendly white terrier was rescued by Miami Dade Animal Services on Tuesday; coming in as a stray. And there’s not a dog … Read More

Eight-years of love and Toby was thrown away like trash

Toby, an eight-year-old male brown and white Labrador Retriever mix, was thrown away like trash by his family. The dog was loyal, but not so with the family he trusted to care for him, so … Read More

Young Lab surrendered to shelter wearing t-shirt to soothe her pain

Just one-year-old, and MaryJane suffers from a severe case of demodex. When surrendered by her former owners, the friendly Labrador retriever wore a white t-shirt – hopefully one of the family members had dressed her … Read More

First used to breed: Then tortured as bait dog just to be thrown away

A seven-year-old American bulldog has never been treated with love or respect. First used to breed puppies to sell for a profit and when she no longer could produce litter after litter, she was forced … Read More

‘Are you here to save me?’ Shelter pup Creassy looked to photographer for help

All of his life, Creassy spent with his family. On January 14, however came the biggest betrayal the German shepherd never saw coming. It was the day his family surrendered the 11-year-old to the Miami-Dade … Read More

Abandoned on street, Rotti too scared to move as he cries in his kennel

Bruce used to be someone’s friend, someone’s partner and someone’s companion. The Rottweiler was found abandoned on a street in Miami and brought to  Miami-Dade Animal Services. The staff and volunteers were brought to tears … Read More