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Amazing fire survivor senior dog becomes therapy pup for burn victims

An amazing Shiba Inu named Taka had been asleep at his home in Georgia when a fire started and spread. The family awoke and fled, but the raging flames trapped their nine-year-old dog on the … Read More

Little boy’s therapy dog stolen and his ‘world turned upside down’

A five-year-old boy’s therapy dog was stolen last week from a boarding kennel in Derbyshire, England. The 11-month-old cockapoo, named Elvis helped the autistic child cope with daily life; his mother, Natallie Cobden is distraught … Read More

Therapy dog ‘Raider’ comforts young victims of parents’ torture

A yellow Labrador retriever named “Raider” has comforted the young victims for the past year in the heart wrenching story about torture and abuse by their parents in a California house of horrors. Raider, a … Read More

Hero sheltie in dire need of surgery owner cannot afford

To those of us who are dog lovers, our pets are one of the most important things to us. When a pet is also a therapy dog to someone, that bond is stronger and even … Read More