SPCA investigates video of man hitting small poodle with its legs and muzzle tied

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Singapore are investigating a series of disturbing videos showing a man repeatedly slapping a small poodle with the animal’s legs and muzzle tied up.… Read More

Singapore owner left dog out to dry in the sun tied to fitness poles

In Singapore, an alert animal advocate spotted a dog tied up in the hot sun. Not knowing exactly where the dog’s owner lived, Lynn Hamzah posted the dog’s photo on her Facebook page asking followers … Read More

Kitten rescued after getting stuck on 12-story ledge

In Singapore, a lucky little kitten surely used up one of her nine-lives … and so soon when she jumped out of an open window and got stuck on a ledge 12-stories high.

According to … Read More