Singapore owner left dog out to dry in the sun tied to fitness poles

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In Singapore, an alert animal advocate spotted a dog tied up in the hot sun. Not knowing exactly where the dog’s owner lived, Lynn Hamzah posted the dog’s photo on her Facebook page asking followers to help; after all leaving a dog out in the direct sunlight to dry with no water, food or shelter in sight has to be animal cruelty. Even the dog’s leash was tangled – making it impossible for him to even move. Under the photo, Lynn posted:

“This poor dog has been dried up like a piece of laundry by its owner everyday. The owner kids’ always bring this poor thing down and tie it like this under the hot sun for like almost an hour. It is always crying. When i asked the kid, they say that it just had a bath and needs to dry up. ”
Waddahell! They think its a bloody laundry ??!! Pls help me to viral this.

Owner stays at Blk 403 Yishun Ave 6, dunno which unit…”

Lynn stated she told the child who tied the dog up to inform his parents if they did not remove the dog from the direct sunlight, she would inform authorities. It wasn’t long before the disturbing situation caught the attention of media. According to Mothership, using the subheading “Dogs are not Laundry” the dog has been left out to dry regularly at Blk 403 Yishun Ave 6, after he has been given a bath. The dog can be heard whining. And in a hot and humid country as Singapore, it would be easy for a dog to succumb to heatstroke.

Since the photo went viral and the SPCA Singapore became involved, a Facebook post from the organization has informed the public that steps have been taken to help the dog:

“SPCA staff have counselled the family and cautioned them against leaving the dog out in the sun. We provided alternatives to the family by suggesting that they dry the dog by towelling it after a bath or to invest in a blow dryer.

The family informed us that they were not aware of the risks of leaving their dog out in the sun, and have expressed regret and promised not to repeat their actions.

We will be following up on this case to ensure the safety of the animal.

Leaving an animal out under the sun is dangerous as the animal can suffer from heat injuries, such as heat stroke, which may possibly result in death. This can occur very quickly, especially in our hot and humid climate.

It is our duty of care as responsible pet owners to provide adequate shelter for our pets and not subject them to harm or discomfort.”

For more information about pet care, please click here.

(Photo of dog in Singapore via Lynn Hamzah’s Facebook)

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. Congratulations Lynn for being a hero.



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  1. Cynthia Como says:

    I fear for ALL dogs in ALL Asian communities! It’s with much dread and angst that the month of June is quickly approaching and at the end of June begins the dog meat festival. I hope these owners will do better for this dog and hope when this dog is left alone outside it doesn’t get stolen for a horrific reason.

    • Bunny Peters says:


      I have relatives living in Singapore. Also have relatives in Taiwan and Thailand. In 2/3 of these countries, “companion animals” are eaten by a small (thankfully) group of people.

      Dogs and cats are not eaten in Singapore. It’s illegal. Dogfighting is also illegal.

      However, as we are all very much aware, illegal activities often still take place…… even with the punishments that are given (very costly fines and public caning).

      Best to keep pets in home for their safety……..

      Wish the Yulin Dogmeat Festival would be abolished…… Mainland China is still very tough for “companion animals”, although public attitudes ARE changing for the better…….

  2. ellen cottone says:

    Who washes a dog every day? the wistle blower is a westerner, british who says bloody laundry!? erp! she spied with her little eye. and she told. she gets things done. Brovo! lynn Hamza. last name maybe an alias though.

    • linda says:

      I thought the same thing who does wash their dog every day. Maybe they have OCD. My bad for commenting that.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Ha!, no . They brush his teeth also. They just like clean. He wares flip flops at home.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Stupid comes in all shapes, sizes and nationalities – I thank the woman who had the backbone to question and report this. Now these people will hopefully realize what they were doing is harmful and won’t think of their dog as laundry.


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