Teens in South Carolina used Snapchat to video drowning kitten ‘just for fun’

Two teens from South Carolina faced felony animal cruelty charges on Thursday after authorities claim they used Snapchat to video the attempted drowning of a six-week-old kitten.

According to the Herald,  the ginger kitten named … Read More

Teen arrested after SnapChat video showed kitten tortured and killed

In Wichita Falls, Texas, a teen was arrested on Wednesday afternoon after an investigation involving a SnapChat video shared on social media showing juveniles torturing and killing a kitten. A second arrest is expected this … Read More

Horrifying video of Russian teen throwing a kitten into scorching hot oven

At a house party in Siberia, a horrifying 30 second clip has been made public of an 18-year-old Russian teen throwing a kitten into a scorching hot oven for fun and laughing about the disgusting … Read More