Teen arrested after SnapChat video showed kitten tortured and killed

In Wichita Falls, Texas, a teen was arrested on Wednesday afternoon after an investigation involving a SnapChat video shared on social media showing juveniles torturing and killing a kitten. A second arrest is expected this evening.

According to the Times Record News, the SnapChat video has been described as extremely graphic and disturbing. WFPD  Public Information Officer Sgt. Harold McClure stated the teens will likely face animal cruelty charges. The video showed a girl holding a large kitchen knife stabbing the defenseless animal in the head while the black and white kitten tried desperately to escape. The video moved on to show a bag slammed against the floor. Authorities believe the kitten may have been disemboweled, and it was all allegedly filmed by one of the teen’s friends.

Social media erupted into outrage as the video went viral with classmates identifying the two 14-year-old girls as students in the local school. One post indicated this was not the first time this teen abused and tortured an animal indicating another incident involved a small dog.

The video has sparked outrage calling for harsh punishments. If you suspect animal cruelty, report it.

Updates to follow as more information is released.

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22 replies
  1. PAMELA D says:


    • janis williams says:

      exactly. whats with all the identity protection. I think they should be killed quite frankly. nothing can undo the sickness in these “girls”

  2. Red says:

    This child is a sick, perverted, monster and needs to be LOCKED UP IN A HOSPITAL AND NEVER RELEASED. Anyone who can hurt a tiny kitten, puppy….any animal is deranged and needs no sympathy….just bars!

  3. Marni Montanez says:

    There should be a special prison for animal abusers who do these heinous crimes and let them have at each other. One of the girls was jumped at school. That means there are teens out there who have a heart for animals and for justice.

  4. maxiemom says:

    Harsh punishments? Not harsh punishments!


    Both of these scumbags, and anyone else involved, need to be EXTERMINATED like the vermin they are.

  5. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Please cut the inside mechanisms out of these maggots females masquerading as human beings. Do not let that kind of filthy disease breed more of the same ilk. I’m sorry but if this is the future of this country we’re all in for a very fucking bad time.

  6. slv says:

    Those little monsters need to be punished and need mental help. I am scared to think of what they will grow up to be. Sick little POS…..

  7. Adrienne says:

    What type of spawns of the devil do we having living among us? Where are these so-called teens parents that they would even contemplate doing something like this to a defenseless kitten? The girl has previously done something to a small dog? They need to be removed from their homes, away from their parents and everything they value and live in prison type buildings. Reteach them what is right and what is wrong and basically bring them up again since they were never taught nor experienced any kindness or sympathy towards anyone or thing. Their anger for whatever reason, has taken over their lives and that needs to be addressed.

  8. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I hope they get more than a slap on the wrist! Serial killers in the making and hopefully the judge will see that. I don’t care if they are 14 years old, the parents need to be prosecuted too and spend time in jail along with these two pond scum. I think if the people are under 21 their parents need to be prosecuted too!

  9. Luana Duncan says:

    Poor, poor, kitten!! Please take justice in ur hands an punish harshly all the girls involved!! This in no way is normal!! They deserve to b tried as adults!!

  10. JEANETTE says:

    if they were my kids I would be in jail by now. their butts would be black and blue. and anything I could take away from them would be given away to poor kids. the little teen bastards.

  11. Dana says:

    Oh my god, these girls are sick and extremely dangerous, I could barely read about the abuse and now, I’m literally wanting to throw up. How could anyone be so cruel, so heinous to a innocent, helpless, voiceless animal. Charges of animal abuse is just not enough, their dangerous and need to be removed from our streets. I’m really without words!
    RIP poor kitty, fly free of pain from this cruel world????????????????

  12. J. Martin says:

    I’d do the same to the vile EVIL little cunt. Only this little BITCH’S torture would be SLOW & PAINFUL!!!! I don’t give a FUCK how old she was. Her friend filming it .. would get the same treatment

  13. Nancy Raymond says:

    Since this is not the first time this maggot shit of a female has tortured an animal it needs to be the very last. The authorities have evidence of two girls torturing and killing a small kitten for their own sicko enjoyment. Now they both need to feel the same terror that they dealt to a helpless animal – stick their useless punk asses in a juvenile facility where there are some real inmates who will give them a dose of their own medicine. Texas needs to step up and stop treating these juveniles with kid gloves. They are on the road to becoming murderers since they obviously have no conscience or consideration for anything but themselves. They are dangerous and should be held responsible for their despicable actions towards a helpless kitten. If you want, I will gladly dose out my own brand of justice – it would be a pleasure.

  14. Theresa says:

    This isn’t the first time this cunt killed animal Little dog and then a kitten her and her friends both should be killed there’s no help for these fucking assholes

  15. Lisa says:

    Emma Fox tortured the kitten and Melony Lowery held the camera. If that were my town, I would want to know so I could protect my pets from those evil monsters.


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