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Dog chained for four years with upside down cart as his only shelter rescued and will suffer no more

In rural Tennessee, Guardians of Rescue were contacted about a dog who had spent the last four years tethered on a chain with an upside down shopping cart as his only shelter. Left at the … Read More

More than 400 animals mostly dogs rescued from awful Kentucky puppy mill

In Louisville, Kentucky, more than 400 animals, mostly dogs of nearly every breed, were rescued from awful living conditions at a puppy mill in Adair County. The animals lived in enclosures amid piles of feces, … Read More

Cold, dark Kentucky hellhole abandoned with freezing puppies under a bed crying for help

In a cold, dark shuttered home in Kentucky, the Guardians of Rescue and the Mason County Sheriff’s Department rescued nearly 20 dogs who had been abandoned and left with no food or water. The house … Read More

Heartless jerk abandons more than two-dozen rabbits near train station

The Suffolk County SPCA, joined by the Guardians of Rescue, were notified on Sunday that more than two-dozen domestic rabbits had been abandoned near the Ronkonkoma train station in Long Island. Domestic rabbits do not … Read More

Shepherd trapped in debris under camper after Hurricane Irma for 4 days

In Hollywood, Florida, a frantic woman called out to Guardians of Rescue on Wednesday and cried for help after finding a German shepherd trapped under a camper cap since Hurricane Irma – four days ago. … Read More

Guardians of Rescue provide homeless man’s dog with medical help

For the Guardians of Rescue, helping the homeless in New York City with their pets could be labeled a controversial issue by some, but to these rescuers it’s all about the animals. On Monday, rescue … Read More

Dog neglected for 7 years chained to a wall in a warehouse finally freed

A Smithtown, New York rescue knows no state lines when it comes to saving man’s best friend. When the non profit organization, Guardians of Rescue were told about Tito, a dog chained to a wall … Read More