Twisted parents in ‘House of Horrors’ threw child’s cat to feral dogs

Twisted parents, David and Louise Turpin, who forced their children to endure years of torture and abuse, had even more egregious stories of animal cruelty. The Turpins were sentenced to 25 years to life in … Read More

Therapy dog ‘Raider’ comforts young victims of parents’ torture

A yellow Labrador retriever named “Raider” has comforted the young victims for the past year in the heart wrenching story about torture and abuse by their parents in a California house of horrors. Raider, a … Read More

Update: Raffle info for dogs seized in 13 children Turpin torture home

On Sunday morning, David and Louise Turpin were arrested after their 13 children were discovered neglected and handcuffed to their beds in Perris, California. The couple’s two family dogs, however were found in perfect health.… Read More