Hero dog Ruby saved her 65 year old owner who fell through ice

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All winter we usually tell rescue stories, and most of them successful rescue situations where our beloved dogs run out onto an icy pond, and suddenly they fall through. Well, this time, it’s Ruby the dog who came to the rescue of her 65-year-old Traverse City, Michigan owner who fell through an icy lake.

According to a news release by the Michigan State Police, bystanders called 911 on Thursday after the man fell through the ice on Arbutus Lake. Michigan State Police Officer Kammeron Bennetts captured the rescue on his body camera. First, the victim could be seen trapped in the water with his head and shoulders above the thin ice; his dog close by.

The officer threw a rescue disc tied to a rope out to the man, but the man wasn’t able to grab it.

Would the man’s dog help? And so Officer Bennetts calls out to the man asking if Ruby would come to him?

Send your pup here. Will she come to me?…Ruby come here. Come here Ruby.

Officer Bennetts

Ruby came running to the officer; her tail wagging enthusiastically, and Bennetts then tied the rescue disc to Ruby’s collar and told the man to call his dog. When she returned to her owner, Bennetts told the man to grab the disc and start kicking with his legs.

Bring you feet up to the surface by kicking your feet.

Officer Bennetts

As the man got closer to the edge, Bennetts and a fireman were able to grab him with Ruby still attached to the rope.

Check this out!

The state police stated the man was rushed by ambulance to the hospital and later released.

An X post, formerly Twitter posted the original video via MSP Seventh District and praised rescuers as well as Ruby.

Great team work and well done!


Good girl Ruby!

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Having a hissy with each other

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