UPDATE: Puppy found wrapped in towel in St Louis alley in zero degree weather

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It’s been bitterly cold in St. Louis, Missouri, and the next few days call for mostly cloudy weather with a low around 20 degrees. The freezing temperatures however, have not stopped volunteers and staff from Stray Rescue of St. Louis forging out into the ice and snow covered streets and back alleys, helping the pets left to fend for themselves in the nearly impossible weather situations.

On Saturday morning, Good Samaritans rushed into the rescue organization with tears streaming down their faces asking for help with a dog they had just found in the alley wrapped in a towel. The dog had not been able to stand and was passing blood.

The staff rushed him to the organization’s clinic where veterinarians noted his pale gums. Sadly, he tested positive for Parvovirus and has been receiving blood transfusions and therapeutic care to fight the often time deadly virus. He has been named Pete Zaparty because of his big, beautiful eyes. Thankfully, he did make it through the night, but he still was not feeling much better.

On Thursday, Pete Zaparty’s condition worsened; he vomited and his legs swelled. His veterinarians were able to insert a life saving catheter for plasma transfusions along with a feeding tube directly into his neck vein.

Come on buddy, all you have to do is get through a little more and you’ll be on the other side of this. You’re so, so close. Don’t give up. A beautiful life is waiting…


Just today, a bit of good news was posted by the rescue. Pete has been responding well to the transfusion he received overnight, and while he’s not out of the woods yet, he is reported to be eating his breakfast, and as good as news can be, he has been keeping his food down. In addition – now get ready to smile; Pete Zaparty gave one of his techs taking care of him a kiss!

You got this Pete Zaparty! You are so strong.

And please, if you get a puppy, make sure you get them all their vaccinations and boosters, to save heartbreak and heartache. So many puppies suffer and die everyday from Parvo – which can be prevented!

Keep saying those nice words and thoughts for Pete Zaparty. We can all wish, can’t we?

To help: Strayrescue.org/wish-list

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