Two Dalmatians protect dogwalker against pack of attacking coyotes in Boston

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A dogwalker is thanking two Dalmatians he regularly walks for protecting him against a pack of aggressive coyotes last week. Josstin Lantadilla Aceveto had been walking Deanna and Tasha in a Brighton area apartment complex on Wednesday morning when one of the dogs suddenly jumped backwards.

… Tasha and Deanna and professional handler Josstin Lantadilla Acevedo got jumped by a pack of coyotes while on a poopy walk in our neighborhood. Deanna bit on the neck the one attacking from the front as its packmates lurked behind. The coyotes ran off. GO DALMATIANS! Mass Wildlife says coyotes won’t approach big, leashed dogs but if they do (wait– what? they said they do not) it’s because somebody is feeding them. Some dumbass around here no doubt is. Nobody in any government agency regards it as an issue needing attention.

Jane Friedlander Facebook (dogs’ owner)

According to CbsNews Boston, there were four coyotes and one of them had been in the front showing its teeth. The bold coyotes lunged at the dogs, but Deanna grabbed one of them by the side of its neck as Josstin kicked at it. Jane Friedlander, the owner of the dogs stated this wasn’t the first time coyotes have been brave enough to launch an attack either.

There was no doubt in Friedlander’s mind that the dogs were protecting their human. The breed was raised to protect horses from coyotes, wolves, foxes and any predatory animals.

It is hoped the wildlife divisions will do something to help control the coyote population; at least to relocate the animals away from residential areas. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

We sure hope Tasha and Deanna received some extra treats for their bravery. No doubt, “dogs are man’s best friends.”

(Photo via Facebook)

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