Dog spent over an hour crying at door after his owner surrendered him

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On Tuesday, a New Jersey animal welfare agency posted a poignant image of a senior dog who had lost his home after his owner decided to surrender him. The 11-year-old dog, named Blue Bear, was waiting for his family to come back and take him home. Trenton Animals Rock explains:

Blue Bear was surrendered today and has spent the last hour crying at the door. He’s 11 years old, severely arthritic and in desperate need of a loving home tonight. The shelter is a rough place for any dog, but for a 130 lb dog who just lost their only owner, it is devastating.

The agency was not condemning Blue Bear’s owner…they were trying to find a safe place for the distraught senior dog to go. And their wish was granted. An update to the post reads:

LATEST: IN FOSTER ❤️ More soon. Exhausting day. And this isn’t all of it.

A photo, and comment, explains that Blue Bear is “comfy and safe.”

This is what rescue work is all about – caring for displaced pets until they find somewhere new to go. Great work Trenton Animals Rock!

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