Dog perishes in fire after incessant barking to save woman inside

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A woman is hailing her family’s dog a hero after he did all that he could to save her mother from a devastating fire in American Fork, Utah. As reported by Your Basin News, Bleu the dog began incessantly barking late last month when a fire broke out inside of his home. Bleu was trying to rouse MaKayla Bernardo Fox’s mother, who was sound asleep at the time.

The smoke and barking caught the attention of two officers who were in the area. When they went to investigate, they heard “screaming” from inside and it turned out that it was Bleu’s barking. The police were able to access the house, and with the help of neighbors, two small dogs were lured from harm’s way. But there was no happy ending for Bleu, who refused to leave and perished in the burning home.

Fox told the news agency:

“Our family dog passed away, but we’re super lucky. Because if it wasn’t for Bleu, my mom probably wouldn’t have made it, because they wouldn’t have known she was in the house,

A fundraiser has been started to help the family who lost their home.

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