Against all odds, dog missing for five years is back home

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Against all odds, a dog who was lost for five long years is back home. The amazing reunion was shared with followers of the Brown County Humane Society Animal Shelter last week. A photo of the dog, named Willow, was posted to the animal shelter’s Facebook page, with an explanation:

When Willow’s owners lost their precious girl, they never stopped thinking about her and kept their microchip information updated hoping that someday she would be found.

According to the shelter, Willow was scanned for a microchip when she arrived to their facility, and staff got what they hoped for during the scan…a beep. A beep that told them that she belonged to someone. The shelter writes:

Willow had been missing for five long years.

These two have some lost time to make up but they both look happy to be together again.

With a reminder to pet owners:

Microchips work!
If you are considering microchipping your dog, it can be done at the shelter by appointment for $25.00.
Willow will tell you its worth every penny.

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