Why doesn’t anyone want Rockee? Dumped, adopted and then returned for being too big

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A senior bulldog dubbed Rockee is surely wondering what he did wrong. The 10-year-old dog is at the Miami-Dade Animal Services facility in Florida and nobody seems to want him. Days ago, Rockee’s advocate shared his sad story on social media, writing:

Why is it so easy to stop loving or wanting me? My human of many years wanted nothing to do with me and dumped me at the shelter as a 10 year old with heartworm and medical issues as a neglected senior dog. I was adopted on 11/4 and immediately brought back because they said I was too big 😢

Who adopts a dog and then returns the dog for being the EXACT SAME SIZE that he was when they picked him out? Who could walk this dog into an animal control facility knowing that leaving him there could result in his death?

Rockee could use the help of strangers right now – sharing his information can help find someone who is in the right position to take him in.

Click here to find this dog’s Petharbor link.


Located At : Miami-Dade Animal Services
Description : I am a neutered male, white and tan American Bulldog.
Age : The shelter staff think I am about 10 years old
More Info : I have been at the shelter since Nov 05, 2021.

Location : Miami-Dade Animal Services
Website : www.miamidade.gov/animals
Phone Number : (305) 884-1101
Address : 3599 NW 79 Avenue
Doral, FL 33122
Extra Information : Email: adoptmiamipets@miamidade.gov

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