Greedy humans to blame for mass killing of koalas

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Greedy humans are to blame for a massive loss of life for koalas in Australia’s state of Victoria. As reported by BBC News, the dead koalas were found at a partially cleared timber plantation at Cape Bridgewater. A landowner and contractor cleared away Blue gum trees, which the koalas rely upon for survival.

Many of the koalas that died were killed by bulldozers, and others starved to death in the few trees which were left standing. Koalas who were still alive, but suffering from dehydration and severe injuries had to be euthanized.

Stock image of koala via Pixabay

Now the unnamed landowner, and the earthmoving business, are facing 126 charges each from the deadly incident. According to the news agency, if convicted, each charge carries a sizeable fine or up to 12 months behind bars. In Victoria, koalas are considered to be a protected species. It is believed that approximately 200 koalas were impacted by the land clearing, with 49 having to be euthanized and 21 dying at the site.

(Images via Pixabay free images)

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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    OMG the video at BBC is horrific. I remember reading about them doing this and signing a petition. Dirty rats should get 1 year in prison for each killed and their company executed for life!


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