Dog abandoned and left tied to pole at JFK Airport after family didn’t have proper papers to take him on flight

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After a family had planned to take their dog on a flight but were declined because they didn’t have the proper paperwork, wouldn’t one have expected that they would have called a friend or family member to meet them at the airport and take the dog to a safe place? Sadly, that didn’t seem to be in the family’s plan, because the dog was left tied up outside of the airport.

The family’s action left everyone speechless, and an officer from the New York Police Department Emergency Services stepped up immediately to help the frightened dog. He contacted the New York Bully Crew and asked for assistance. The dog was transported to Brooklyn’s facility of Animal Care Centers and had to wait the mandatory 72-hours to give his family time to reclaim her.

On Friday, since the dog’s family never arrived at the shelter, she was released to the New York Bully Crew.

“This family’s actions left us speechless. A dog is a family member too, and abandoning a family member because of your own mistake is truly despicable. Shame on this family.”

NY Bully Crew

Kola is described as beautiful, lovely and obedient who loves everyone including other dogs. At this time she seems a bit confused as to where she is and why, but that is to be expected. The rescue organization is hoping someone would like to either foster or adopt her. If interested, please contact

An investigation is underway and abandonment charges are expected.

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3 replies
  1. tamara beinlich says:

    Unfreaking believable! Poor dog looks half starved too. Look how thin the baby is. Welcome Back family we’ve been waiting for you!!!

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    Unbelievable. WTF is wrong with these POSs??? You always check your paperwork and required proofs of vaccinations with the airline (& in some cases, the other country) well BEFORE your trip and still have a “plan B” if for some reason your pet can’t travel with you.

    A “preflight” document check is always much easier than what this thoughtless POS family did……..

    They are all deserving of jail time for abandoning this precious treasure who will have a wonderful life being rehomed into a loving family who will treat her as a beloved family member!!!


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