Shelter failed to scan dog’s microchip – owner devastated her beloved dog was killed

An Indiana woman was devastated to learn that her beloved dog was killed at the city’s shelter because staff failed to scan him for a microchip. Jesslyn Edwards’ young German shepherd had an AKC Reunite microchip, but nobody scanned him and the dog was killed just two days after he was taken in at the Salem city shelter.

Edwards recounted the horrible situation in a public Facebook post, writing:

Through word of mouth, I found out he had been turned into the Salem Animal Shelter, in Salem, IN. The shelter admitted to me that they neglected to scan him for a microchip and they euthanized him 2 days after he arrived. 😭😭😭 I am crushed. He wasn’t even 3 years old.

Edwards heartbreak increased when someone at the shelter told her that it took three people to hold the dog down when he was being euthanized. Edwards reached out to the city mayor to let him know what happened, she writes:

I am so upset they did not scan for a chip. It’s a small town. I called their mayor because I had questions about their policies. Their mayor left me a voicemail that said, “it’s unfortunate you felt you had some kind of connection to the animal, but we feel as though we did everything correct and at this time we are moving forward.”

Edwards made sure that her dog had the gold-standard of identification to ensure that he would be reunited with her, but it didn’t matter in the end. She writes of her frustration:

if we are being cited for not having a microchip in our pets, why is ok for this shelter not to even scan for a chip? I’m sure my poor baby was the first of many for this to happen to and my heart just aches for any animal who went through this facilities doors.

Rest in peace.

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9 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    This is what happens when you continue to allow Nazi demons, aka republicans, have complete control over EVERYTHING YOU SAY, DO or NEED. Maybe next time you go to vote you’ll ACTUALLY engage your freaking brain and conduct DUE DILIGENCE to find out what kind of human or monster they may be.

  2. Pennys dachshunds says:

    This IS downright EVIL !! The Mayor of the small town IS NOTHING SHORT OF A COMPLETE A-HOLE for the Statement he made to This Woman who loved her dog enough to protect him and to have this happen .. she Needs to hire a Lawyer and file Legal action against them… ASAP!!!to prevent this from happening again!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    I would be suing that shelter, the town and even the Mayor for such actions! The lack of compassion is even worse than their incompetency! “it’s unfortunate you felt you had some kind of connection to the animal,” what kind of statement is that after the what they did, “but we feel as though we did everything correct and at this time we are moving forward.” what an unbelievable POS this Mayor is. My sincere condolences to Jesslyn Edwards I can’t believe the pain she must feel!

  4. Sarah says:

    Mayor Justin Green–go to his FB page. There is an option to phone or text a message. I left a polite but strongly worded message stating why his city was wrobg, liable and that his callousness merited him being recalled. Feel free to contact the city/the mayor and express (politely) your outrage. If anyone knows any attorneys who would sue the city, you should alert them to this malfeasance.

  5. Bunny Peters says:

    WTF is going on??? Isn’t there a “stray hold” timeframe so the family can retrieve their companion??? This is a clear example of “over eager killing”….. by heartless shelter employees (not a shred of compassion for anyone)….. absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking…..

    Condolences to the family and I hope this precious treasure’s family can get justice for the wrongful killing of their beloved companion but sadly I doubt it…..

    Something is very wrong……. VERY stupid people at this shelter……. Soneone should be terminated over this disgusting incident!!! That POS mayor should not be covering for clear negligence……

    Agreed that all pets should be microchipped. But not all microchips are “readable” by all shelters and vet offices (& there have been cases where animals were id’d by their microchips & euthanized anyway due to complete idiots working in the shelter)………

    That shelter needs to answer some tough ?’s:
    1. Why aren’t incoming animals checked against “lost pet” paperwork on file???
    2. Why wasn’t the dog scanned for a microchip?
    3. Why wasn’t the owner contacted immediately???

    That POS mayor and the POS shelter employees all lack compassion and empathy. Totally disgusting how they behaved and tried to cover up and defend their negligence. Clearly murdering this precious treasure without checking for a microchip was their SOP. I am absolutely certain that numerous companions have been murdered by these POSs without being scanned for microchips……

    These POSs & the POS mayor all have special places in Hell waiting for them where they will burn forever for their cruelty.

    If this precious treasure was my furbaby, I would hire an attorney and sue that negligent shelter and the employees into oblivion!!!

    Precious treasure I am very sorry humans failed you in every way possible….. you deserved so much better treatment than what happened to you……

    Precious treasure please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends…….

  6. Anne says:

    How about you all find out the WHOLE story! This woman gave her dog to another family. That family had the dog for months! The dog bit their 3yr old!!! They still kept the dog but it became more aggressive. They surrendered the dog to the shelter. The shelter tried to work with it but it just became more and more aggressive. They had no choice but to humanly euthanize it. She had NO RIGHTS to that dog because she gave it away! The shelter didn’t scan for a chip because the ACTUAL OWNERS SURRENDERED IT!!! Can you imagine the lawsuits if they rehomed it knowing it was aggressive and had bitten a child?!!!


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