Woman charged after tiger discovered in filthy cage in dark garage

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A 24-year-old woman is facing charges after a tiger was discovered in a small, filthy cage which was inside of a dark garage in Houston, Texas. As reported by Dallas News, Brittany Marie Garza was arrested on Wednesday following the discovery of the tiger in February.

The 350-lb feline was found in the abandoned house by a person who snuck inside the structure to smoke pot. The good Samaritan reported the unusual discovery to the authorities and the big cat was rescued from his dismal existence.

Tiger found in small cage in dark garage

Garza claims that she loves the tiger, whose name is Raja, and has stated that she made it her “priority” to care for him every day, reports the Daily Mail. Garza claims that the cage which Raja was found in was merely a transport cage – the enclosure was layered in urine and feces.

The young tiger is now living at a Texas animal sanctuary – Garza is due in court on May 22 to face a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty.

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(Stock image of tiger via Pixabay)

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  1. Here we go again – a misdemeanor. Legislators everywhere need to begin taking animal cruelty seriously and making these low-life’s pay dearly for their crimes. When fines are in the thousands of dollars, not some measly pitiful amount, accompanied with significant jail time, maybe a few of these scumbags will think twice before committing despicable acts of cruelty. If they do it anyway any least they can be put away for a considerable time where they can’t harm any more animals.

  2. Sincere thanks to the rescuer who clearly saved Raja’s life!

    The cruel owner certainly has an odd way of showing love–she would have
    literally loved Raja “to death”!

    Deserves much much more than a “misdemeanor” charge!


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