Video of horse being pulled by truck sparks investigation

Video of horse being pulled behind truck sparks cruelty investigation

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A video, showing a horse being pulled behind a truck in Grand County, Colorado, has sparked an animal cruelty investigation. The video began circulating on Facebook over the weekend and it prompted concerned animal lovers to reach out to the Grand County Sheriff’s Office.

The law enforcement agency addressed the deluge of complaints it had received in a Facebook post on Monday, writing:

On November 24, 2019, the Grand County Sheriff’s Office was informed about a suspected animal cruelty incident in unincorporated Grand County, near Grand Lake. The incident involved a horse that had been pulled by a truck, which was recorded and shared on social media. This resulted in an extensive social media following, and public requests for an investigation.


The Sheriff’s Office, with the assistance of Grand County Animal Care and Control, and the Colorado Humane Society, have initiated an investigation into this incident. Many citizens had asked the Sheriff’s Office to immediately charge the suspects in this incident based on the video; however, to maintain the integrity of our criminal justice system, and as with any case, we will be conducting a complete investigation and make any formal charging decisions at the conclusion of the investigation.

No further information about the investigation has been released.

Watch the video at this link to CBS.

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5 replies
  1. Lisa says:

    This poor horse should never have to endure this mistreatment. I hope they throw the book at these lowlifes. Communities need to start teaching their citizens animal cruelty will not be tolerated!

  2. Judy says:

    This picture just makes me so utterly sad for the poor horse who can’t protect himself.
    I applaud the person who took the video of the heartless creature driving the truck. This should be posted by everyone who is so utterly angered by this video, to keep it “posted” 24/7 until this soulless piece humanity is put away in jail. Keep it posted!!


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