Shelter missed signs of common condition, now dog is dead

Shelter vets failed to diagnose dog’s common condition – now she is dead

Veterinarians at Brooklyn’s Animal Care Center failed to properly diagnose a common medical problem in a dog and now that dog is dead, reports the New York Post. Hennessy, a seven-year-old unaltered pit bull, was being held at the shelter after her family lost their home in a fire.

While at the animal care center, she lost her appetite and started vomiting – signs of a pyometra, a common secondary infection that is often seen in female dogs who have not yet been spayed. Though Dr. Steven T. Brigande, a long-time veterinarian, tells the news agency that any “third-year vet student” should have had pyometra as one of their top diagnosis considerations for Hennessy, nobody ordered an abdominal x-ray, which would have revealed the condition.

Instead, she was given medication to combat the nausea…the ailing dog was examined two more times after first presenting symptoms of pyometra, but she was never given the x-ray, or ultrasound, which would have confirmed the deadly infection. Finally, she was scheduled for a emergency spay surgery, which would have helped early on, but it was too late. The infection had already spread into her blood stream and sepsis set in – just a day after her surgery, she was euthanized.

The dog who was supposed to go to a foster home with a rescue group is now gone forever. Abby Bogen, an animal rights activist, is heartbroken that Hennessy’s condition was missed. She told the news agency, “They knew this dog was sick…. Why wasn’t she sent to the emergency room?” Adding, “She survived a fire. She lost everything… she deserved a second chance.”

(Screenshot of Hennessy via New York Post)

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