‘Love bug’ surrendered after family lost home – now he waits to be saved

love bug surrendered by family
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A handsome German shepherd mix, described as a perfect “love bug,” is waiting to be saved from a busy California animal control agency. The surrendered dog, Duke, is waiting for someone to take notice of him at the Baldwin Park Animal Control facility, where he has charmed staff and volunteers.

Duke has been at the facility since November 16, but nobody has decided that he is “the one” for them. United Hope for Animals writes:

Weighing 84 lbs, this big boy is a total love bug. He wants to put his head in your lap, get lots of belly rubs or just lie by your side. He’s a mellow, loving, big ol teddy bear, so don’t be intimidated by his size. Duke walks well on leash and shows signs of housebreaking. He has long thick hair that is such a pleasure to pet. This guy is the perfect walking buddy who, after a nice walk, may indulge you by sitting by your legs as you watch tv
(or even on the couch if you like your dogs right by your side when you are hanging out).

Duke loves dog beds, snuggling, belly rubs and ear scratches – he is described as “non-reactive” to other dogs and “chill.”

Saving Duke

Duke is a well-rounded dog who would fit into most households – it would be a tragedy if this “love bug” failed to make it out alive. Please share his adoption information and help find Duke a new family.

Identification #A3980764

For more information on this pet, contact volunteer UHA adoption coordinator Meena at 706-504-1810 or [email protected]. Please CALL or EMAIL—do not text.

Note: Please do not contact the Pet Rescue Report about this dog – reach out to the shelter, or United Hope for Animals only.

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