mutilated beagle

Investigation launched – someone skinned a beagle alive

A cruelty investigation is underway following a grim discovery in Neosho, Missouri. According to a release from the City of Neosho, a beagle was skinned while she was still alive – because of her extensive injuries and immense suffering, she had to be humanely euthanized.

The release detailed the condition of the mutilated dog who was found by officer responding to the call of potential animal abuse:

When officers arrived, they found a female beagle that had approximately 75% of Its skin removed while still alive. The animal either escaped from the assault or was set free in this condition.

The authorities were able to locate the dog’s owners and learned that they were away at the time that their dog was hurt. The beagle had somehow escaped from her enclosure and someone mutilated her while they were out of town.

Information needed

A facial photo of the beagle victim (Edited for public view) is being provided in hopes someone witnessed the injured dog leaving the suspect location or heard the assault take place.

If anyone has any information on this case please contact the Neosho Police Department at 417-451-8012 or The Newton County Sheriff’s Department at 417-451-8300.

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