Mountain lion poisoned

Heartbreaking discovery – young mountain lion poisoned

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Officials have confirmed that a young mountain lion, found dead in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area last month, was poisoned. On Tuesday, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Facebook page released the sad news:

On March 21, NPS biologists hiked in to the central portion of the mountain range after P-47’s GPS collar sent out a mortality signal. They found the three-year-old mountain lion’s remains and noticed he did not have any visible wounds. A necropsy revealed that he may have succumbed to poisoning from anticoagulant rodenticide, commonly known as rat poison.

Testing of the big cat’s liver revealed that he had been exposed to six different anticoagulant compounds; internal hemorrhaging was found in his head and lungs.

It is surmised that the mountain lion consumed other animals which had been poisoned. The agency wrote:

Biologists have documented the presence of anticoagulant rodenticide compounds in 21 out of 22 local mountain lions that they have been tested, including in a three-month-old kitten. 😔 Lab results for P-64, who died a few weeks after the Woolsey Fire, also found six different anticoagulant compounds in his liver

Learn more about the dangers of anticoagulant rodenticides here.

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