Former pro baseball player admits he left elderly dog alone to go visit girlfriend

Former baseball player abandoned dog in house
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Shawn Abner, a former Major League baseball player, has admitted that he left his elderly dog alone when he went to visit his girlfriend in Kansas. By the time that someone checked on the 14-year-old husky, Eagle, the dog was dead.

As reported by ABC 27 News, an officer who went to Abner’s home after a search warrant was obtained found Eagle dead at the door, writing in the police report that it “appeared as if the dog was starting to melt into the flooring.”

Abner told the authorities that he left food and water for his old dog, but admitted that he had not asked anyone to check in on the dog and stated that he stayed at his girlfriend’s home longer than he “expected” to.

The heartbreaking situation was discovered after Abner called a neighbor and asked him to check on the dog. The neighbor discovered the dead dog alone inside of the house – an animal control officer with the Pennsylvania Humane Society stated that the dog appeared to have been dead for about a month when he was found on August 7.

Abner has waived his right to a preliminary hearing. At the time of his arrest, he was charged with felony aggravated cruelty to animals, cruelty to animals, and neglect of animals.



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  1. This Is a Prime Example of ANOTHER Michael Vick Like !!! The fame, money, alcohol, chemical abuse , Power of Success , makes them think they can Just Do and Get Away with Anything… Why in the HELL did This Bastard NOT take his companion for 14 years to a care facility while he was ??????? around free as a bird… As for me I think he is a “Turd”!!!!

  2. I suppose he didn’t have the money to board the dog, hire a sitter or someone to check on the dog? This POS need never own a pet again! I can’t imagine what that poor dog went through!


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