Dog abandoned – tied to tree with note, ‘please help’

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A dog in Norwalk, Connecticut, is in need of a new home after someone abandoned her in a park. According to the Norwalk Animal Shelter, the three-year-old dog was found tied to a tree in Cranbury Park with a note attached to her collar, asking for help.

The shelter writes:

Abandoned Dog
Impoundment # 010
Pit bull female 3+ years old wearing a black collar no tags or microchip.
Tied to a tree with a note attached to her collar @ Cranbury park on 7/26/19

The note left with the pit bull explains that her owner could no longer afford her:

To whomever loves dogs. She’s an amazing dog. House trained. Brendal and Bully. Aug. 12 she’ll be 3 years. Human friendly. Dog friendly. All shots and a sweet heart. Her name is Annabell. Couldn’t afford her. Please help.”

Dog abandoned with note

For more information about this abandoned dog, please call the Norwalk Animal Shelter at 203-854-3240.

(Images via Facebook)

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3 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    If you need help then surrender the dog properly. Tying a dog to a tree with a sob note isn’t the way to do it. The poor dog could get loose, hurt, killed or fall into the hands of a dog fighting organization. I hope and pray Annabell finds a loving home.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    We rescued a dog a few years ago who had been badly abused.

    When we took her to a fenced dog park, I brought her travel crate back to our car so it wouldn’t get peed on by the other dogs marking their “territory”. She followed me the perimeter of the park inside the fence whilst I walked to the car. Then followed me again whilst I walked back to the gate. I can only imagine that she thought that I was abandoning her. When I was inside the park, she “hid under my legs” most of the time…… I felt so sad…… I would pick her up and place her near other dogs but she would bolt straight back to me and her “safe spot under my chair”…….

    I can’t imagine abandoning animals…… I just don’t understand how anyone could do this and still like what they see looking back at them in the mirror……

    I hope this precious treasure finds a new furever home ASAP!!!


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