Depraved man shot dog for not retrieving ducks

Depraved man shot his dog after she failed to retrieve ducks during hunt

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A 29-year-old man from Louisiana is accused of a depraved and heinous act of animal cruelty which left his dog, Gypsy, dead. As reported by KSLA News, Dustin James Coker is accused of repeatedly shooting his 3-year-old yellow Labrador retriever because she wouldn’t retrieve three ducks that he killed last month in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Coker was hunting with Bailey Perez, who told the authorities that Gypsy had to be humanely put down after the shots from Coker grievously injured her. Now, someone identified only as a Concerned Citizen of Carlsbad has launched a social media campaign to shed light on the cruel incident.

Fliers are being distributed in the area where Coker lives – on the Justice for Gypsy Twitter account, a Tweet about the distribution explains:

Every single one of the approximately 180 houses in Coker’s subdivision in Haughton, Louisiana will be receiving this flyer in a day or so. There are also many flyers going to people in Minden LA where he coaches. They needed to be warned, and they will be.

The flier reads:

Your neighbor, Dustin Coker, is a monster. Coker shot his three year old yellow lab Gypsy twice with a shotgun because she did not properly retrieve three ducks when he took her hunting. Coker’s hunting companion had to pull Gypsy from the water, and seeing that she was still alive and in agony because her guts were hanging out, the hunting companion mercifully ended Gypsy’s suffering. Coker has been charged with the felony of Extreme Animal Cruelty in Eddy County, New Mexico, where the atrocity occured. Coker’s actions show that he is a violent, twisted and inhumane person. What’s more, Coker is a football coach for the Minden RipTide football team, coaching childen. Someone as violent and unhinged as Dustin Coker has no business working with children. Coker admitted to his hunting companion that he had “wanted to” shoot Gypsy before, because always did what she wanted to do and because he was “tired of yelling at her.” Gypsy was a family pet. By killing her, Coker killed a member of his own family! Dustin Coker is a sick person who cannot be trusted in civilized society. Do not trust him around your family, especially not around your children or pets. He is a monster.

Coker is facing a felony charge of extreme cruelty to animals.

Find the Justice for Gypsy Twitter account here.

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11 replies
  1. Stephen Phillips says:

    A FUKW*D of this magnitude has NO BUSINESS with access to firearms: If he’s that unhinged/unglued when it comes to a hapless companion animal, WTF will happen when the object of his frustration is another human being???

    Too bad his hunting companion didn’t put US “out of his misery”, by putting THIS bast*rd down, too…

  2. Adrienne says:

    What a vile monster to intentionally kill his dog that was also his family pet. If Gypsy no longer wanted to hunt and retrieve ducks for this crazy piece of s—, then get another hunting dog if that is what you wanted. No, you had yell at your dog before shooting her and then you couldn’t even do that right and Gypsy had to be humanely euthanized. Same thing should be done to this insane monster and glad all his neighbors know what kind of crazed creature he is. Hope the police put him in jail for what he did to Gypsy. Give Gypsy sweet revenge for what he did to her. May all those who know him, shun him and he is forced to move away from where he now lives.

  3. Adrienne says:

    I made an error. Gypsy wasn’t humanely euthanized but finished off by this monster’s hunting companion because she was suffering. He should also never be around children and coach them in any capacity. What would he do if he got angry at one of them? I would hate to think of his reaction.

  4. paula calabrese says:


  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    Anyone want to be that poor Gypsy probably wasn’t trained right in the first place and was killed because she couldn’t read this POS’s mind? I hope his life is a pure Hell from now on and he loses his job and friends! He deserves nothing less!

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    This person Needs to have HIS so called rights to own firearms revoked…. He could lose his cork out of the Hole in his head that is hold in his fragmented and very diseased brain… IS he On Some sort of Medication for Psychopaths??

  7. Rose says:

    You better believe my father would’ve beaten the the living shit out of my brother before the cops even got to him if he did something like this. You can tell he’s a sick fuck by his mug shot, he looks like he’s smiling!!!!

  8. Barb Cordon says:

    I am so glad someone put up that flyer. The community needs to know what a monster he is. Hopefully the school will can his ass and not let him coach kids ever again. By publicly shaming him and making him loose his job is the best way a community can fight back on animal abuse


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