Animal Control seeks answers after dead and dying dogs found

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An animal control agency in Louisiana is seeking answers after a grim discovery involving dead and dying dogs found on property in Vermilion Parish. On Friday, the Vermilion Parish Rabies Animal Control reached out via social media about one of three recent cruelty cases.

The post reads:

4 dogs were found chained and starved in Abbeville. On arrival one was dead, a Shepherd, chained, skin and bones. Another Shepherd had to be euthanized because of his severe irreversible medical condition.

animal control seeking answers

According to the agency, two other dogs had badly embedded collars which required surgery to remove. The dogs were also malnourished.

Seeking answers in cruelty case

The animal control agency has asked for anyone with direct knowledge about these dogs, or their owner, to reach out to the authorities, writing:

Anyone having first hand knowledge about these dogs and their owner, please contact Chief Spearman, Abbeville Police Dept.

Find the Abbeville Police Department on Facebook here.

If you see animal cruelty or neglect – please speak up. Someone undoubtedly saw the suffering of these dogs, but nothing was done. It is vital that those who have no voice be given the care that they need and deserve.

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