kitten allegedly abused by kids

Kitten recovering after allegedly being kicked and thrown by kids

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A kitten is recovering from injuries allegedly sustained from kids who were treating him cruelly. According to Calling All Cats Rescue in Lakewood, New Jersey, a good Samaritan reported that school-aged children throwing and kicking the kitten, and sticking sticks up his rectum.

The rescue group recounted the horrible details they were provided:

I’m seriously disgusted by the human race! Today we rescued this baby after a Good Samaritan in Lakewood found school children hurting this poor baby they were sticking sticks up his rectum and they damaged his jaw by tossing him around and kicking him.

On Thursday, the rescue group updated Facebook followers with the latest information about the injured kitten:

Here is the UPDATE everyone has been waiting for, our foster just got home from Barnaget Animal Clinic. Dr Behan did a full exam with x-rays and blood work. Mickey has a cracked rib, a hernia, and thankfully only external damage around his rectum. He couldn’t tell if the jaw was broken by the X-ray because it’s a hard X-ray to take on a kitten while they are not sedated, but he doesn’t think his jaw is damaged. He believes the damage where his bottom lip is detached from his gum will heal.

The veterinarian believes that the kitten will fully recover from his injuries. The authorities are looking into the incident.

(Image via Facebook)

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