Cruelty case, puppy decapitated

Puppy found decapitated inside of owner’s yard

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Police in Fort Smith, Arkansas, are hoping for leads in a disturbing case of animal cruelty involving a puppy who was decapitated. According to KNWA, the puppy’s decapitated body was found outside, near a dog kennel, at a residence in the 700 block of North 34th Street- the deceased puppy’s head was nowhere to be found.

Two people who live at the home told the authorities that the dogs and puppies at the home were fine when they were checked on around 10 p.m. The same could not be said hours later when the dogs and puppies were checked again around 2 a.m. According to the women, the adult dogs were outside of the fenced area and the deceased, headless puppy was laying on the ground by a kennel.

In a report, Officer Kelsey Sharp noted that the decapitation appeared to be a clean cut and that the gate to the yard had been left open – leading the authorities to believe that someone entered the property and used a sharp object to remove the puppy’s head. Nobody seems to have any clues about who might be behind the cruel act.

Someone knows who is responsible

Anyone with information about the puppy’s killer is asked to call the Fort Smith police at (479) 709-5100.

(Image of a puppy via Pixabay Free Images)

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18 replies
  1. Barbara bgarabedian says:

    Sick asshole bastard kill yourself not poor puppy I pray someone cuts your head off & u die. Horrible death bg

  2. Stephen Phillips says:


    Given our sh*tty societal predilections towards each other these days (emboldened by the example set by our “less-than-presidential” poseur, it stands to reason that such vile behavior will be extended to our companions… SO WTFU, FOLKS!

  3. Adrienne says:

    These vile things must be found and thrown in jail or better yet, do to them what they did to this puppy.Save taxpayers money. We live in a world of sick,insane scums.

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    Arkansas IS becoming the Most BARBARIC STATE in our UNION!!! This almost sounds Like a bunch of YOUNG Thugs having a game of gathering objects to see who gets the most on the list to BE KING of the HILL… SICK! SICK! SICK ! INDIVIDUAL INDIVIDUALS involved here…. as far as the family leaving there dogs outside not protected against, animals, thefts, and downright Sicko BASTARDS like this SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  5. Sue says:

    Dogs and puppies/kennels – sounds like a breeding operation. That’s NOT good, either.
    Things have definitely changed over the many decades since I was kid, not for the better, and with many factors involved. The bottom line, though, is that the world is (and a lot of the people in it are) more dangerous. Those who love their companion animals have to be more vigilant to keep them safe.

  6. Red says:

    HEY KARMA…go to Fort Smith and show the monsters who did this what real pain feels like….and don’t make it quick!!

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    Dogs and puppies should NEVER be left outside unattended. I do hope they find the POS that did this, It’s disgusting what people will do to innocent puppies! I hope the other puppies are ok.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t understand why some pet owners leave their dogs outside. Seriously to keep their dogs out after 10pm is horrible. This never would have happened if they were inside!

  8. maxiemom says:

    Sounds like a neighbor, again, who wanted to take care of his annoyance with the backyard breeders next door and took it out on the INNOCENT victims of the scumbags running it instead of the scumbags themselves.

    I hope they find this monster and lock him up where some animal loving inmates take good care of him so society never need worry about him again.

    Then I hope the police shut this operation down once and for all, and if there’s abuse there, jail those scumbags as well. They should take care of their dogs, who are NOT meal tickets or merchandise.

  9. Denise Moore says:

    Muslim’s find dogs filthy, is there a lot of them in that area? You can call me racist but this is happening far to often and it never really has before. Just saying makes me suspicious

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    I seriously have reservations about these owner’s tale – apparently they either did not care enough or are a backyard breeder whose animals live outside 24/7 and are only good for the money these degenerates get from the sale of the animals. ALL the dogs should be confiscated until the bastard who did this is found or someone speaks up – there is something very wrong here – what is Arkansas in contention with Texas for being the lousiest state in the nation regarding animal cruelty?????


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