Husky found abandoned in small cage

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A 2-3-year-old white husky dog was found locked in a cage and abandoned on a horse trail in the Southwest Miami area.  Two good Samaritans, a mother and son found her in a remote area known as the Redlands, which is notorious as a dumping ground for unwanted dogs.

The dog, now named Lucky is currently in the care of GTS Husky Rescue in Jupiter, Florida. Lucky was in very poor condition when she was found, and her front legs are deformed. It is questionable as to whether she was born with this deformity or if it was a result of being kept in a small cage for long periods of time. In addition to her deformed legs, other physical conditions indicate Lucky was the victim of abuse and neglect. Her nails were growing into her paw pads, she is very underweight and has puncture wounds on her body.

According to a volunteer at GTS Husky Rescue, walking is painful for Lucky, and she can only walk a couple of steps before easing the pain on her front legs by resting on her hind quarters.

But Lucky is on the road to recovery with GTS. According to another volunteer, she really enjoys her dog bed and loves to just sit next to someone and be petted. The vet who examined Lucky believes her condition was a result of being kept in a small cage; her body grew and developed this way because of it.

According to the orthopedic surgeon working with Lucky, surgery will be too painful, so prosthetics will be the best option for her.They feel that Lucky has adapted well to her condition and despite all she has suffered, she is a very happy dog. The main goal is to get her a forever home with an owner who can handle her handicaps and take care of her.  It will be several months before Lucky will be ready to be adopted. Until then she will stay at the GTS Husky Rescue ranch along with 40 other dogs who have been recently rescued by the group.

The rescue is a 501 (c ) 3 and was founded in 2013. To date they have saved more than 700 huskies.

GTS is currently seeking donations to help with the cost of Lucky’s care and to get her prosthetics.

Donations can be made via their website

Or through Paypal at










3 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Thank you GTS Husky Rescue for helping Lucky and in the process on the path to a better life. Hope she adjusts well to whatever type of prosthetics they provide for her. She looks like a very happy,loving dog and she will make some family so happy.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Since this is a notorious dumping ground for the trash that abandons animals why doesn’t Redlands install surveillance cameras to catch these bastards? Makes sense to me – anyone that dumps animals needs to pay a price for their cruelty. This poor dog was treated so cruelly and is unable to walk because of HUMANS – and if there were cameras they would have been caught – only THANKS to good Samaritans was Lucky rescued – but he will never completely recover due to human cruelty – whoever did this deserves a fatal encounter with an 18 wheeler and I hope they see it coming at them and can’t do one thing about it – SPLAT!


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