Suicidal man’s dog dies after car is driven into a lake

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A suicidal man who drove into a lake in Hollywood, Florida, was saved, but one of his dogs perished in the car. According to NBC Miami, prep school students who were on a senior class trip were nearby and they saw the man’s car plunge into a Topeekeegee Yugnee Park lake on Friday morning.

Thanks to the efforts of the good Samaritans who raced to the water, the man and one of his dogs were saved, but another dog who was in the vehicle drowned when the car sank.

Local authorities have stated that the man was trying to kill himself – following the incident the unidentified driver was hospitalized and he could be facing animal cruelty charges for the death of the innocent dog who drowned in the lake.

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(Screenshot via NBC Miami)

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  1. How about you find a good home for the dogs BEFORE you pull this stunt? I have never wanted to hurt or kill anyone other than myself. This is incredibly selfish.

    • I agree w/you 100% Rev. Ray – his actions were incredibly selfish – and an innocent dog died due to his selfishness.

  2. Why is it that people feel the need to take others out with them when they decide to end it? If suicide is a selfish act, then this is twice a selfish. Now he gets to live with this. Hope they take the other dog away from him. He probably was just looking for attention or was drunk or both. NOW HE HAS GIVEN HIMSELF A REAL REASON TO KILL HIMSELF.

  3. One has to wonder if this man really wanted to kill himself why he did it in front of a crowd. The sad part is an innocent dog died in his failed attempt. Kudos to those fast acting teens and the divers that were able to save one of the dogs. Rest in peace to the one who didn’t make it.

  4. Isn’t it amazing – he was so desperate as to wish to take his life; and he may be charged while the a’holes that torture, burn, beat, cut off paws etc and etc get a slap on the wrist or nothing.

    • He may be charged, but I will be amazed if he gets anything more than a “slap on the wrist or nothing” anyway. He will claim he didn’t know what he was doing and was mentally unsound.

  5. And, before anyone sends the police to kick my door down, I’ll add that this was in the past. By the way, never call or email a prayer line and tell them you are depressed and/or suicidal. Two days later, while you are shopping at Wal-Mart, they’ll kick your door in, damage your house, terrorize your pets, overlook an arsenal of weapons in plain sight, leave your house wide open for any thug to walk in and help themselves, publicly humiliate you by roaring through the aforementioned Wal-Mart parking lot in force with lights and sirens blazing and make you bend spread eagled against your car (even though you are recovering from a total hip replacement and you willingly told them on the phone where you were at and where your car was parked), arrest you, force you to go to the hospital and submit to a drug test (which, of course comes back clean as your urine hasn’t seen an illegal drug in – at that time – approaching six decades), interrogate you like a criminal, shame and degrade you for your depression, escort you back to your home where your weapons that you have to point out – again, even though they are in plain sight – seize those and then have the hospital bill you $3,000 for checking your blood pressure, performing a urine test and badgering you by a hospital “counselor”. Almost a year later, you have to have a beloved cat put down because he was so traumatized by whatever the police did while you were shopping at Wal-Mart that he suffered some kind of mental breakdown and became so progressively more violent that nothing else could be done to protect yourself and your other pets. (And, part of the reason you were so depressed initially was because you had to have another beloved pet put down).
    Oh, by the way, I must mention that this was in the South where I had moved to only to care for my mother from hell who wouldn’t allow anyone else to care for her except me after she got dementia. So, I put off a hip replacement for three years to do this until my hip and top of my leg were gone and I could barely walk and couldn’t stand up straight for three years unless I stood on tiptoe.

    • OMG. A depressed/suicidal person treated like a criminal? Those fucking red neck cops! I would have marched right into the chief of police’s office with a baseball bat and pleaded insanity!

      • Linda – My whole family is Southern but I was born and spent most of my life between Chicago and Milwaukee. When I moved to N.E. Tennessee, in spite of my Southern background, I felt like I was in a third world country. The men were the worst. Even professional men like doctors and lawyers talked down to women. And, yes, that hospital “counselor” was terrible. He ridiculed and shamed me and actually yelled at me for committing a crime! (Yes, because it’s illegal to not only commit suicide but to even consider it in Tennessee, according to him. I wonder how many people that man has indirectly killed.) And, I really appreciated the “help” from the two church prayer lines I contacted. Wait two days and narc on me to the police. I could have been a decomposing corpse after two days!
        I left that place after my mother died. If I stayed I would have wound up in jail for giving some chauvinist red neck the beating of his life. No offense folks, but I never, ever want to set foot south of the Mason Dixon line in my life.
        And, as for pleading insanity, I wouldn’t have to work hard to pull that off! Ha!

      • Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray, What a horrible ordeal, but I having had to live in East Tennessee for 15 years after my husband had been transferred down there for work, I don’t for one minute doubt your story. Talk about culture shock. I couldn’t even get a decent job, as soon as they heard my “northern accent” all bets were off. There was more than one reason we moved back to snow and ice and high taxes in Upstate New York after we retired.

      • Barkley’s Mom – Western Tennessee is considered much more “Southern” in their culture (translation Red Neck) than Eastern Tennessee. When I first moved there, a lady at a grocery store actually snagged me to do a public announcement on the P.A. system so everyone could hear my accent (or lack thereof, since Midwesterners have so little accent that their voices are recorded to be used in voice recordings and the like). But, I do have a slight Southern accent as my whole family is Southern and I attended a church full of Southerners as a child. But this woman still thought my accent was pronounced enough to put me on the P.A. system as a novelty.
        It’s not my intention to offend Southerners but these are my experiences in the South. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

    • How awful! U can be sure I’ll never do anything more than drive thru the state of Tennessee,everything done to u is criminal as far as I’m concerned! Sounds like the cops in that area are bored and have nothing better to do than harass a person in need of support,compassion,kindness and understanding! Shame on those idiots!!!

    • Yes Carole – I agree, the dog didn’t want to die I know I would have saved the dogs, the human can die for all I care.

  6. What an ASSHOLE!!!! You should have saved that poor baby. It didn’t want to die, why did you make this poor baby suffer???

  7. The selfish SOB wanted to die, but instead the poor innocent dog died a horrific agonizing death. So very sorry and sad for the suffering and death of this helpless, innocent loyal dog. Angel Pup, I am so sorry your selfish, uncaring idiot human horribily failed you. Angel Pup, you didn’t want to die, but that imbecile’s selfish acts cost you YOUR LIFE! Rest in Sweet Heavenly Peace, Angel Pup, you are now safe in the tender loving care of Jesus. Angel Pup, I am praying for your deserved justice and that selfish scumbag is severely punished! Also, I hope and pray that the other dog was removed from that selfish Idiot’s custody because he is unfit, unstable, and uncaring to own a living, breathing precious soul (dog) that depends on protection, safety, and to keep from harm’s way. I wish the kids had saved the innocent dog instead of that despicable, selfish, imbecile moron. ????

  8. While it’s awful and tragic for a person to take their own life it really pisses me off when these depressed people take other innocent lives with them,be it a fellow human being or a animal! Animal abusers are my number one HATE in life but I have to say that in this ONE and ONLY case I would be ok with this troubled person getting a fine and probabtion as long as this person gets IMMEDIATE help with their destructive and debilitating depression! OMG I never thought I would say that and this is probably the only time I will feel this way. So I hope this person can overcome their depression and I hope his surviving dogs is put into a safe and loving home! My heart breaks for the dog that died and the owner will have to live with what he has done! So so sad!


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