How many people walked by, ignoring his misery?

How many people ignored this dog’s suffering and walked on by?

How many people walked by, ignoring his misery??

He is being called Chance and his condition is atrocious. The stray dog was brought to the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas, on May 25th – the condition of his body is pitiful and reflects long-term neglect and suffering.

After Chance arrived at the shelter, the following post, of utter disgust, was made on the Harris County Animal Shelter Volunteers Facebook page:

This is how Houston and Harris County treats their animals. They are thrown away like trash. All of Houston turns the blind eye time and time again. We see a dog in this kind of condition and quickly glance in the other direction, too busy with our own lives to stop and help. The city and county officials act like we have bigger, more important problems to deal with; in reality, we have over 1 million stray animals roaming our streets. We have DUMPED this problem on the shelter and expect them to be able to fix it with no resources. A community problem requires a community solution.

When will Houston wake up? When is enough enough?

How many people walked by Chance as he was suffering? How many people thought, “he is not my problem?”

There is finally hope for Chance – according to the volunteer-run Facebook page, Chance was tagged by Scout’s Honor Rescue, Inc. on Thursday and he is being taken to Vergi Animal Hospital for long-overdue care.

Dogs like chance deserve better – his misery was ignored and he was left to die on the streets. If you see something, please reach out to the local authorities for help.

(Harris County Animal Shelter Volunteers Facebook page)

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  1. Angela Corso says:

    Social media should light up on this one! Wow! Not one person had the heart to stop and help this poor sole. I do not see a link for donations to help with his care. Please keep the public updated on his progress. Thank you.

  2. Angela Corso says:

    And look at him laying on that blanket. How sweet is that. Probably the first soft thing he has every had to lay on. I hope he gets a better bed. I am willing to UPS a better bed to him. Let me know. Thanks.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Well Houston. Texas – I hope you are REAL proud of yourself – Chance was left to die on YOUR streets and the citizens of YOUR city did NOTHING to help him – this is beyond deplorable – once again the state of Texas proves it is probably the worst city in this country for animal welfare – HOW ANYONE could walk past this poor dog and ignore his suffering is totally beyond me – THANK GOD for Scout’s Honor Rescue who stepped up and is giving him the medical help he desperately needs. I truly hope Chance makes a recovery – The whole city of Houston should hang their heads in shame, this includes ALL the city and county officials AND the cruel population who ignored him.

  4. Star Shelley says:

    My sweet lord Jesus, why do people,not bother in this town of Texas. I am a Texan and so ashamed of what these people there do “NOTHING” Heaven help those who will one day will also experience nothing when thrown out in the street. Sending my love and prayers to this,special pup. God love you and take care of you.

  5. Nova Lamping says:

    I just heard this story, and this is heartbreaking. Wake up Houston! I don’t understand why they pick a dog with it’s outside appearance. Why? I would that dog a home but, I am in Virginia! Come on people! Don’t judge by the cover of the book! After sometime, that dog might die in sadness. Wake up people!

  6. Patty says:

    She starts the video with, “WE HAVE OUTDONE OURSELFS AGAIN, HOUSTON”….. I GUESS Y’ALL ARE TOO BUSY WITH YOUR “BIG” HATS, AND YOUR CLAIM TO FAME THAT EVERYTHING IS BIGGER AND BETTER IN TEXAS …… In all fairness I suppose it is hard to pull your BIG head out of your BIG ass, with your BIG hat on …….. PATHETIC ……. I posted on facebook to the rescue that is named on the article. I want to donate to this poor animal …. NOTHING deserves this …. NOTHING !!

    • Lyndi Heckaman says:

      All cost are being cover by Lance McCuller Jr Foundation!! Please consider donating to them. They do so much for animals of Houston.

  7. Diana Bradshaw says:


  8. ellen cottone says:

    stray dogs are everwhere the bigger dogs suffer the most because they cannot live on garbage. huston rounds up hundreds of dogs and kills them everytime they have a big sporting event. thats how they deal wwith the problem

  9. Bonita goldstein says:

    As far as furries of all kinds the world is heartless so for humans no more. Compassion or love

  10. Marina Trofin says:

    Shame on you, Houston, shame on all the kill shelters!
    Those who are born killers found the right place to get a check: the factories of death!
    I am disgusted of humans!

  11. Cynthia Como says:

    This state will not hang their heads in shame because for that to happen u have to care a little and that seems to be non existant! Crying for this sweet baby and praying hard for a complete recovery


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