Man rushed into train's path to save dog

Man rushed into train’s path to save his dog

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Astrid, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was 61-year-old Scott Wulff’s best friend. Not surprisingly, when the dog became spooked by an Amtrak train last Sunday, the Florida man rushed to protect her. According to the Daily Mail, in fear, Astrid had ran directly into the path of the oncoming train and her devoted owner didn’t hesitate to chase after her.

There would be no nail-biting last minute save for the man or his dog – the train hit the duo and they perished from the impact.  Isaiah Boone, who witnessed the devastating tragedy from a nearby restaurant that Wulff frequented, told PEOPLE about the deep bond between the accident victims, “No matter how much or how little he had, he would always feed his dog first. He made sure he let everybody know how much he loved her and how proud he was of her. She was his world.”

Josh Smith, a friend of the victim’s family, has set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for final expenses. Click here to read more.

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7 replies
  1. Helen says:

    RIP Scott Wulff and Astrid, its nice to crossed the rainbow bridge with your best friend. How many owners would run towards a moving train to save their dog? Not many. Now Scott and Astrid are together forever. Bittersweet.

  2. Diana Roby says:

    That is real love. I am so glad you went together. Not sure how long one would last without the other. Now they are together in the hereafter forever. Rest in peace, Astrid and Mr. Wulff. You are truly angels.

  3. Marsha Squibb says:

    Omg!! I’m so sorry you both perished…but neither one of you wanted to live without one another….You’ll both be with each other at the rainbow bridge????????????????


    So sad that they both passed, but at least till death do they part! A true bond, and a very special bond! They are both now in heaven with no pain and sufferings running with the angels.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Mr. Wulff proved his unconditional love for Astrid by risking (and losing) his life in an attempt to save her – this is so tragic but so telling. RIP Mr. Wulff & Astrid – you are now together forever.


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