Man sentenced after hanging pup and punching her in face

Man who punched puppy and hanged her for chewing shoe has been sentenced

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A Florida man, who punched a puppy hard enough to break her eye socket, has been sentenced to jail time. According to the Bradenton Herald, 39-year-old Carleau Mesidor has been sentenced to nine months in jail after he accepted a plea deal for charges of felony animal cruelty for the October 2016 incident.

Mesidor was arrested on October 19 after being accused of hanging his three-month-old puppy, “Zoey,” from a lanyard and repeatedly punching her in the face because she chewed on a shoe. The pup suffered a fracture to her eye socket, but has since recovered and she is now living with a new family.Zoey was punched in the face

Following Mesidor’s hearing,  Assistant State Attorney Lisa Chittaro stated, “This was a senseless, brutal attack on a helpless three-month-old puppy that will forever be etched in the minds of everyone involved. It’s one of the most barbaric cases we have dealt with. Animal cruelty will not be tolerated.”


In addition to jail time, Mesidor has been given two years of probation, during which time he is not allowed to have contact or possession of dogs.

(Booking photo)

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28 replies
  1. Meghan says:

    Glad to hear he got time! I would have given him much longer. Happy he was punished and he better not get out early!

  2. pamela bolton says:

    Your joking, right??? 9 months?? When are these judges going to make the sentences fit the crimes? It should have been 5 years!!! Unless these “sub-humans” do some serious time, this will NEVER stop. They know they will be getting away with it, that’s why they do it. Glad the puppy is OK. Just sorry the HUMAN got away with it again.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      You are 100% right Pamela Bolton, nine months is a slap on the wrist and will do NOTHING to prevent this hunk of horse manure from harming another animal. He should be sitting in prison for years, not months. Carleau Mesidor needs a megadose of his own medicine – and I hope he gets it – another case of animal cruelty where the victim does NOT get justice.

  3. KB says:

    What he did was terrible. And I wish people would speak out like you all are for the rights of human children.

  4. Angela Corso says:

    Another good Judge! Hurt a dog and pay with jail time. Puppies chew; dogs chew not because they just decide to piss off owners, but because it feels good to their teeth. The idiots of the world who beat their dogs for chewing should be beat for leaving the shoes in view and not giving the dogs proper toys to chew on. I hope more Judges follow this ruling.

  5. Dana says:

    Another POS gets off with abusing a innocent baby puppy.. 9 months in jail? Are you effing kidding me, what if it was a human baby?
    This animal abuser should be banned for life from ever owning or being in the presence of any other animal and spend at least 5 mandatory years locked up!

  6. sheresa frantz says:

    The same thing he did to this sweet innocent animal should be done to him” infact, the law needs to lock him up and throw away the key permentaly!!

  7. Diana Bradshaw says:


  8. TJ Cannell says:

    I am in agreement with those of you that feel the punishment isn’t harsh enough but now that he has received this sentence it paves the way for harsher punishment in the future. I am so thankful that animal cruelty is being taken seriously, not so long ago it was considered a misdemeanor if punished at all. Hopefully he’s sharing a cell with someone who loves dogs!

  9. Red says:

    He should have been given a life time ban on ever owning or living in the same household as a pet. Jail will be a vacation to this monster. Hopefully there will be an animal lover there who will deal out some REAL JUSTICE to this monster.

  10. barb says:

    He even looks like a scum bag. I am so glad he will be sent to jail. It is a light sentence but better than just getting probation like some of these asshole judges give these scumbags who do the same thing. He should not be allowed to EVER OWN A PET ever again in this scumbags life!! That is the problem I have with the rest of his punishment.

  11. Jean Schreiber says:

    JS I have two dogs myself,I would never do that to any of my dogs.I think he should get a longer time for what he did.

  12. Charlotte says:

    Our judges suck in this country!!! Glad he go som time… let’s see if he actually serves it!!! May karma get him sooner rather than later ????????????

  13. Sherry says:

    I’d like to kick him in the face while wearing stilettos! Hope the puppy is living with a decent family that will treat her right now.


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