Video of dog hanging from leash

Man claimed dog hanging from leash was ‘having fun’

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Authorities in Winter Garden, Florida, launched an animal cruelty investigation after viewing video of a dog hanging by a leash. According to WFTV News, a man walking his own dogs was shocked when he walked past a home and saw a Chihuahua hanging from the porch.

The man recorded video of the dog and presented it to the authorities – investigators were able to determine that Brian Flowers is the owner of the one-year-old dog. Flowers claims that his dog was “having fun” hanging from the porch, but investigators don’t agree.

In fact, the dog has been seized by animal control and the agency is petitioning the court for ownership. The dog, dubbed “Hey Man” is reported to be doing well at the shelter and is not available for adoption while the case remains under investigation.

Video of dog hanging at this link.

(screenshot via WFTV News)

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23 replies
  1. penny'sdachshund says:

    Well!!! FINALLY!!! the authorities stand up for the RIGHTS of the Animal!!!! WOW !!! and what a GOOD PERSON WHO ALSO STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE!!!! Now lets HOP that “HEY MAN” finds a loving and caring home….

  2. Red says:

    What a freaking monster…….granted it was a harness and NOT a collar which would have choked him to death….but it is still an asinine thing to think that poor dog was having fun. DO NOT RETURN THIS ANIMAL TO THAT MONSTER.

  3. Flamingfeather(Beth) C. says:

    You can see all the fear on the little guy’s face in video
    his dog was “having fun” hanging!?
    Who says that kinda shit. Well maybe if you think your dog was having fun you should try it see if you’re having fun.
    how sad that he’s been doing this for a while thank God for the man that took action and you know there was many other people that saw this in the15 minutes and didn’t do anything..
    Plus I’m so glad that they’re filing a petition to the court to keep the pup away from him

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    Having fun? What kind of idiot would even THINK that? I’m glad the got the dog away from this moron and pray he never gets him back!

  5. Barbara Garabedian says:

    That creep should be hung & killed & die I am happy they got doggie out in time & hopefully will be adopted thank that man who saved him bg

  6. Cynthia Como says:


  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    MANY THANKS to the man who stepped up and literally saved the dog from this hunk of pond scum named Brian Flowers – if he thinks THAT was fun to hang his dog, he should suffer the same fate – hang his useless butt from the nearest bridge. Also thanks to the authorities for taking action to rescue this little dog from this douche bag.

  8. Sherry says:

    Oh yes, I have often read about dogs loving to be strung upside down and dangling for fun..your friggin lying maggot. You are some kind of impotent freak that takes your hate for yourself out on defenseless animals. You are a scumbag of the worst kind. FOUL VILE NO WORTH mother f#$c**@ I hope you get a pissed off judge that is a total animal lover and you can see what fun you will have in jail.


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