Horses forced to pull 7700 pounds of weight in Spanish cart-pulling contest

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In a bizarre cart-pulling contest competition forcing horses attached to carts overcome obstacles while pulling heavy weights, the Animalist Party Against Mistreatment to Animals (in Spanish : PACMA), shared a shocking video on its website. The disturbing scenes show horses tethered to carts and pulling up to 7,700 pounds of heavy weights through soft sand in Valencia during a contest called “Pull and Drag.” (Tiro y Arrastre)

According to the Daily Mail, the “keepers” are shown punching the animals in the face, stomach and testicles while simultaneously kicking them to cover the race course faster. The horses can be seen in obvious distress and try to react to their abusers, but are unable to defend themselves from the heartless treatment – all in the name of “sport.”

Complaints have been filed with the government in Valencia for the old tradition still existing in modern times, although PACMA state these competitions that began in the 1940s, have nothing to do with Spanish traditions. Unfortunately the advocacy group says these competitions are all too commonplace,  and the government has done little to respond to the overt animal cruelty complaints.

The competitions are held on a regular basis with big prize purses awarded to the winners. PACMA is calling for an end to the races under the European law relating to animal cruelty and the use of animals in shows. The Valencian Federation says it has strict rules as to animal treatment and would take action against cruelty. You can judge for yourself if you think this is a cruel “sport” and should be stopped.

(Photos and videos of cart-pulling contests via Facebook and screenshots PACMA)




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Disturbing video:



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  1. How about tying the owners to these carts and make THEM pull it while being punched, kicked and hit in the face. This is BEYOND cruel and can injure the horses beyond recovery. Just how sadistic do HUMANS have to get before it stops? Shame on Valencia and the Spanish government for letting this continue. “Tie the men to the damn carts and make them pull it!!”

  2. STOP this excessive cruelty immediately!!!WTF is wrong with you assholes???These horses are NOT here to be abused by you…This is way beyond cruel!!!I ‘d love to tether you to a cart and when you didn’t pull I’d punch,cut and kick your nuts till you collapsed!!!!! Hopefully not to be able to piss again!!!!!!!!

  3. Spain really sucks. When are they going to prosecute these sewer scum idiots? The animals are innocent and need no human torture. Why is Spain officials so lax in law? Why are their people so cruel? I am 81 but i would be banging some human heads with my bat if i were present.

  4. I think it would be a better “sport” if these fat men pulled the carts instead of the horses they beat and basically torture to make them pull this garbage.Many foreign countries seem to treat animals even worse than in the United States, if that is possible.

  5. J’en ai marre de ces espagnols de merde, tous des consanguins, des barbares. Bande de sous merde, vous ne méritez pas d’exister, vous êtes des parasites, et les parasites on les élimine. Pas d’excuses, pas de pitié pour ces dégénèrés, HONTE sur vous et sur celles qui vous ont engendrés. Vous ne valez même pas la balle qui vous tuera.

  6. HORRIBLE!!!! Strap their fat asses to those carts and punch them in the face and kick them in the balls and make them pull the carts and see how well that goes over!!!! THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!

  7. I can’t watch. Where on earth do these foul idiots keep their hearts hidden? I agree with all those above…punch, kick in balls those that find this sport.

  8. PACMA, please intervene. put in place rules and officiate these events. disqualify anyone who violates these rules. impose fines.

  9. I am continually shocked and amazed how ignorant some humans are. They can not be macho or “tough” on their own, they have to somehow mistreat an animal to look like they are some kind of big, tough person.
    YOU ARE NOT TOUGH…….you are a bully. YOU ARE NOT MACHO…………you are a weasel using animals. YOU ARE NOT ANYTHING …….. NOTHING…… except a wick, soulless, heartless monster….. a total waste of skin. May karma find you and hook you up to something too heavy and beat the snot out of you until you make it move.


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