Man accused of attacking ex-girlfriend and her dog

Man attacks ex-girlfriend and stabs her dog

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A York Haven, PA, man is accused of a brutal attack on his ex-girlfriend and her dog. According to Friday’s York Dispatch, 33-year-old Jonathan Matthew Hibner viciously attacked Michelle Leister, and stabbed her two-year-old female pit bull in the leg.

Hibner is accused of breaking into Leister’s home before beating, choking and stabbing her early Friday morning; it is unknown if the dog was attempting to protect her owner when Hibner turned his sites on her. The dog, name unknown, is expected to survive – she was taken to an area animal shelter for treatment.

Newberry Township Police Chief John Snyder commented on the aftermath of the attack, “There was blood all over the house, and there’s a hole in the door where he must have kicked it in.” The violent incident has resulted in a multitude of charges for Hibner, including simple assault, aggravated assault, making terroristic threats, animal cruelty, burglary, criminal trespass and harassment.

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24 replies
  1. Red says:

    ok courts….. here is your chance. MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF THIS SICK MONSTER!!! Lock him away for a minimum of 5 years, make him pay all medical and veterinarian expenses + a $10,000 fine. MAKE THESE CREEPS STOP AND THINK!

  2. Star Shelley says:

    I hope this guy’s goes to jail, and the inmates beat the crap out of him. Seems these idiots who are angry with wife’s or friends are always attacking their animals. A lot of that going on. I tell you if a man ever touch my dog, I seriously hurt him.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    It’s too bad something can’t be done about these POS ex’s before they are able to break in someone’s home and assault them. This poor woman, if he gets out of jail he is most likely to do it again! I hope she and her dog have a swift recovery.

    • Lilly jones says:

      She actually invited him.. She wanted to suck him off for his birthday… Shes a dope fene whore. So learn all the details before you open your cock suckers sweetheart…

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        And you are a filthy mouthed nasty person! You had no need to jump on me like that as I do not know this woman and was responding as I would to any woman who’s ex did this to her. I would say you are most likely the same caliber as the one your are disparaging so you can keep your “cock suckers” shut “sweetheart”!

  4. Joan Martin says:

    Tough guy eh? B & E, then attacking a woman and her dog. The POS needs to be thrown into a deep enough pit (so he can’t get out) with some hungry animals. And let them chomp the shit out of this prick. If he dies in the process … G O O D!!!!!!

  5. linda says:

    Breaking into her home and attacking his ex-girl friend should be a jail sentence alone and attacking the dog with a knife should be given an additional charges.

  6. Darla says:

    I would bet money that the dog was protecting Michelle. I hope both dog and woman enjoy full recovery and spend many more years together. As for Hibner, he needs to be beaten, choked, and stabbed. Let him suffer and die.

  7. willie hines says:

    HI im glad he was protecting his owner , Did the boy friend try and rape the dog , shame on him , well prison is best for him they have an inbreading program he can enroll in.

  8. Merc says:

    First and foremost all these people that post thing negative about a person they don’t even know should really pray to our holy father in heaven and ask for forgiveness,, there are reports out on this woman Michelle m ball leister about being a prostitute against gods will selling her body making her children watch her be blasphemies with men as well as collecting food stamps for the 4 children and only having one welfare fraud she is on many occasions been caught selling pills she was prescribed by a doctor in a police report all documented about her stabing her ex husband # 1 so who really is to blame for stabbing the man and dog only Our amazing wonderful God in Heaven can judge

  9. jeep says:

    Let she shes fucking crazy and just got out of jail maybe she should take his spot and shell relize the three kids she has will need her someday

    • Sarah red says:

      Everybody is quick to judge …. What happen two there is always to a story…. Police report SAID there were text messages between both parties inviting the young man tothe ladies house for his birthday……. She promised him some sloppy toppy which is some head or if you dont know… To suck his dick for his birthday.. Well after she did that she got mad because he didnt bring no money…. She started beating on him and threathened to kill her self… She set this young man up and its pitiful that people are only listening to ONE side of the story….. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE.. Michelle leister is a dope fene whore who does any means necessary to maintain her addiction…. Put her name in google or ujs portals and see what you come up with… The “poor woman'” isnt as innocent as everybody thinks…. Now huh.. Stop judging what you dont know…
      You people…. Are so worried about the dog but dont know the history, she threw that same dog out last winter and the young man in mention took the dog in this entire year… She just got the dog back because she wanted to sell the dog for herion and dope… SO STOP BEING QUICK TO JUDGE BEFORE YOU KNOW EVERYTHING…

      • Michelle Hall says:

        Funny thing is none of you know the truth nor did u get any charges for any of those things and Merc you will be getting charges for slander I pass my drug tests and no texts ever said anything about b sex nor do I do drugs so learn your facts that’s why he called from jail left messages crying and apologizing besides cops have all the proof so goodbye… Btw his bail is going to be revoked because he broke the order by contacting me…. I loved him and he went crazy isn’t the first time he put me in trauma but will be the last so get your facts straight you’ll have your PFA served tomorrow.

    • Pipe girl says:

      Im sorry to say but michelle leister really did set jon up… They been dealing with each other for a few years now off n on because she cant stop her drug habbit… Im a close friend and i seen michelle in action… This woman would turn on her own kids for some drugs… She left her kds at jons house while she went to “make some money” around the coner.. She does drugs infront of her kids and even gives the kids alcohol. . smh.. She deserved what she got..

  10. Jass says:

    I assume the comment of drugs would be the house across from degans bar on market st at the crack house 915 I believe she goes by darla god-mom ain’t nothing Godly about anything that oh what comes from the home of the sister on quickly rd

  11. Amanda lynn says:

    Of course photos aren’t allowed to be posted..
    This female has multiple child endangerment, drug possession, intent to sell, fraud, and more on her record. Her last charge was November. She’s a selfish addict who is not only married but was dating the suspect. She told him to come to her home that night and when he did and refused to buy her more drugs she began to act “crazy”. She doesn’t take care of the children she has and she should be in jail and the children put into foster care due to their exposure to sex and drugs she gives them on a daily basis. This man didn’t purposely stab this animal. He never would. Granted there is no excuse for what had happened here however, this women is just as at fault and should be facing multiple charges as well as slandered on the news just like the defendant.


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