Illinois man arrested for allegedly trying to kill his dog with an ax

Man arrested for trying to kill dog with an ax
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On Friday, an Illinois man was arrested for allegedly trying to kill his family’s dog with an ax. According to Tuesday’s ABC 7 News,  34-year-old Charles C. Kazukauskas, of Homer Glen, hit his German shepherd three times with an ax before realizing that he was not going to be able to kill the dog.

Kazukauskas went after the family pet after the dog bit his six-year-old son on May 22 – according to the Chicago Tribune, the dog suffered with large wounds to the head and shoulder for more than eight hours before Kazukauskas took him to a veterinarian to be euthanized.  It was the veterinarian who contacted the authorities to report what had happened.

The remains of the dog, whose name was “Sherman,” were taken to the Will County Animal Control to be tested. Kazukauskas was released from jail after posting $7,500 bail.

The child who was bitten by the dog suffered a puncture wound and was treated and released from an area hospital.

(Booking photo)

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    • Yeah, I would like to kick that ugly smirk off his face. What is he smiling about? What a piece of shit. An axe, really? My god, I hope he gets the maximum for this cruelty. Jesus Christ, what kind of world are we living in? What a heinous act. Kids are sometimes handsy and stick their fingers in dogs eyes, etc. dogs are not rag dolls. you have to teach kids not to treat them as such. Even if the kid did nothing wrong, only a psychopath would solve this by axing the dog in the head.PUNISH HIM!!!

      • This hunk of sewer slime needs a date with a wood chipper – his actions were deplorable and I would love five minutes with this maggot – I’d put his useless butt in the wood chipper feet first so I could hear his screams – THAT would be justice for Sherman.

  1. Sick mentally kill asshole I wish someone would kill him with his axe & cut his head off what a pig I hope he gets back what he did to poor doggie asshole bg

  2. I pray this asshole dies & someone kills this horrible inhuman with his own axe & he dies worse than poor doggie horrible creature bg

  3. Well IT MAY be very POSSIBLE the KID Bitten was TORMENTING the DOG!!! Especially if the KID is like his APPARENT PSYCHOPATH FATHER>>>> of course he will walk…

  4. WOW !!! Hope this Psycho doesn’t get angry at his wife for burning his steak!!! A six year old might had pulled the hair, hit, pinched , or hurt this animal in some fashion…. the dog could have been taken to a shelter BUT to let it suffer 8 hours… Hurry for the VET that stood up for this poor animal…..

  5. I like to put it Axe straight through your fucking ugly smile teach your kids to respect animals what were they doing to provoked him to bite

  6. His smarmy grind just makes my blood boil.
    All I can say is I arrangement issues and a creative mind when it comes to people like this!!!

  7. I can only imagine what that son did to that dog! Apples do not fall far from trees! Poor Shepard, I am sure he was tormented! That father will get his, karma will get him it takes time but it always does! RIP poor dog!

  8. This fool needs an ax taken to him! Kudos to the Veterinarian that turned him in! Rest in peace Sherman, I doubt very much you deserved this fate!

    • The fact This PRICK let that poor dog suffer lay and suffer for 8 hours is beyond me !!! I wonder what type of Psycho Bitch his wife is !!! That VET is AWSOME !!!! YA! His Smile at HIS Booking Shows HE has NO REMORSE and KNOWS HE WILL WALK!!!

      • His “bitch” of a wife is probably afraid to stand up to him for fear he will use the ax on her next! I doubt very much the dog hurt the kid that much, certainly didn’t deserve to be axed!

  9. Considering what a twit this man is, my bet is his brat child was poking and pestering the poor dog. Since animals CAN NOT SPEAK…… you have to pay attention to their body language. THEY DO NOT BITE FOR NOT REASON and just out of nowhere. Smiling during his mug shot only proves he is a monster. I can not believe they released him on bail. He and his kid will hurt someone or something again!!
    He should be banned FOR LIFE ON EVER OWNING or living with a companion animal.


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