Dog, near death, discovered by abandoned house

Dog found near death by abandoned house
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On Thursday, a middle-aged dog, who was near death, was found along side an abandoned house in Michigan. Animal control picked up the dog, who was so cold that his temperature would not register on a thermometer.

The dog, dubbed “Copper,” has been taken under the wing of the River Rouge Animal Shelter and he is receiving care from Healthy Paws. On Thursday afternoon, an update about Copper’s condition was posted to Facebook:

Coppers temp is still too low to register despite him being packed in warm blankets and heating pads, but he IS getting warmer, and the wonderful staff at Healthy Paws just keeps switching out the blankets w warm ones, as they stay right by his side. He’s a trooper, but we still don’t know if he’s gonna make it.


If he makes it through the night he will be going to TLC Rescue tomorrow. He’s going to stay at Healthy Paws for the night under the River Rouge Animal Shelter. Please say a prayer for this boy. He has the most handsome face and beautiful eyes, and he wants to live.


Given Copper’s initial condition – emaciated, immobile and freezing, there was consideration given to having Copper humanely euthanized. It was his pleading eyes, showing a will to live, which has inspired the fight to save Copper’s life.

(Photos via Patricia Trevino/Facebook)

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  1. What does this say about our society that we allow conditions like this all over our country? There can NEVER be a justification to allow stray dogs to live on the streets of our communities to ultimately face a cruel death.

  2. TLC Rescue? The only TLC rescue I know of in Michigan is TLC Chow Rescue. They’re an amazing group of people, and I know they’ve taken non-Chows before. I hope we get an update on this poor baby. Sending prayers for him and a request to Karma to pay a visit to the person(s) who just left him.

  3. Saying a prayer for Copper. I hope he has enough “fight” left in him to survive. I’m so happy he was found. Bless those trying so hard to save him.

  4. What a fighter. Dogs just seem to find hope and love in their hearts no matter what they’ve been through. They are so forgiving of this world.

  5. Beautiful dog, Come on Copper I want U to come thru & make it thru this night! Good Luck to him & thank U so much to the River Rouge for caring about his life!! Now to the previous owners, what’s the story of them? Do they even give a Hoot?

  6. Copper has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Everyone REALLY TRIED to save him, but they just couldn’t get his internal body temperature warmed up. Poor baby. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Copper! ???? ????


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