Dog abandoned in the cold

Abandoned dog slips collar, but waits for person who tied him to a pole

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An abandoned dog showed loyalty and faith to the unknown person who left him tied to a pole in freezing Connecticut weather. According to the West Haven Animal Shelter, the young dog was found at Morse Park on Monday – shelter staff stated that it appeared that he was left tied to a pole, but had managed to slip out of his collar. Amazingly, he didn’t run away, he just sat in the cold, waiting for whoever abandoned him to return.Dog abandoned in the cold

The two-year-old boxer mix has been dubbed “Hank,” and he will be available for adoption after his mandatory stray hold expires (he had no form of identification). Hank is out of the cold, but he is still scared and confused – do you recognize him?

Anyone with information about Hank is asked to reach out to the West Haven Animal Shelter at 203-937-3642.

Find the West Haven Animal Shelter on Facebook here.

(Photos via West Haven Animal Shelter Facebook page)

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Neighbor surrenders hospitalized woman’s dog – read more about what happened next at this link.

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8 replies
  1. Rosemary Martinez says:

    Don’t ever tie your pet DOG like that anymore pet owners do this and u wonder why. PET OWNERS STOP THIS MATTER AT ONCE.

  2. linda says:

    POS owners. I can’t imagine what was going on in Hank’s mind sitting, waiting and hoping for his POS owner’s to return.

  3. Dana says:

    What a handsome boy “Hank is and waiting like he did as any dog would for his POS person to come back for him. It just shows you their loyalty and hope for you. Some people actually many should never and I mean never own a animal. This is why I have so much intolerance and hate in my heart for humanity. How incredibly cruel and disgraceful could you be? Our dogs would never leave us!
    I hope they find this cruel abuser and prosecute him/ her to the fullest. And I surely pray precious “Hank” finds a loving family and forever home!
    Sharing him far and wide????????????????????

  4. Dee says:

    Ya mean no one knows this dog. To turn the person in.i am just so tired of all the nasty people do this crap and nothing happens to. Them


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