Police dog stabbed

Police dog stabbed with barbecue fork

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According to Wednesday’s CBS 8 News, a police dog in San Diego, California, is recovering from injuries after a man stabbed him multiple times with a barbecue fork. The frightening situation took place late Tuesday night after the San Diego Police were dispatched to an Egger Highlands home.

A woman had phoned 9-1-1 to report that her son behaving erratically and trying to attack her at her home. When the authorities arrived, a man in his 20s was behaving in a violent manner, and tried to run, so the police dog was released. The dog, a Belgian Malnois named “Mickey,” caught up to the suspect, who proceeded to use a barbecue fork as a weapon to stab the K9 multiple times in the neck and hip.

The police dog was spared more serious injuries thanks to his large collar, which prevented the barbecue fork from causing more damage.

Mickey is at his handler’s home recovering from his stab-wounds – he is expected to be off duty for approximately two weeks. The man accused of stabbing the police dog was apprehended after being hit with a stun gun – he was taken to an area hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

The name of the suspect is not going to be released because this was considered to be a “mental health” call.

(Photo via CBS 8 News)

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