Dogs left to die in hot car while owner was at gym

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For an agonizing five hours, three dogs suffered in unbearable heat inside of a parked vehicle in Peterborough, while their owner was at a gym. According to Wednesday’s BBC News, the man who left his dogs to die is 65-year-old Jonathan Theobald, who admitted that he was responsible for the death of his dogs on June 16.

By the time that Theobald exited the gym, two of his dogs were dead and a third was near death. Despite the man’s efforts to save the struggling dog, it was too late – the heat related damage was done and the dog died. A necropsy on the dogs’ bodies revealed that they had all died from heat exposure – the car that they had been left inside of did not have any ventilation, nor did the dogs have water.

The dogs who suffered an agonizing death were Daisy, Mitch and Rascal – Theobald told BBC News, “I am so sorry. I am appalled by what happened. I have shed a lot of tears since then.”

The RSPCA hopes to educate the public about the dangers of leaving pets inside of parked cars – their quest to enlighten includes their release of sad images of the dogs who perished inside of Theobald’s car.  RSPCA Inspector Justin Stubbs said:

“All too often we find people leaving their dogs in cars thinking they will be OK, I will only be five minutes, even thinking the dogs happier in the car rather than being home alone.


In the Mirror UK, Inspector Stubbs added graphic, and heart-wrenching details about the agony the dogs suffered before succumbing to the heat:

“The dogs would have overheated they may of have fits, they may have slowly cooked essentially, they would have been terrified, trapped, probably more of a emotional thing rather than a physical for those dogs.”

Theobald has admitted fault in this tragic situation – he will be sentenced in late September.

(Photos RSPCA)

21 replies
  1. edward says:

    What a f****** Dirtbag how the f*** can you be that f****** stupid to go in the gym you old f****** dope you should be put in prison forever it’s a good thing that you’re doing stuff cuz they are way way far from you thank God

  2. Penny's Dachshund says:

    Some one SHOULD wack this moron in the head with one of the Gym’s Dumb bells !!! He doesn’t have a brain one and nothing will happen to him for the torture these poor dogs suffered….. I can’t help but think he did this deliberately !!! NO ONE id that DANM STUPID!!!

  3. Gizmos Mommy says:

    How the flip can someone be that stupid????? So he’s cried a lot. Flippin asswipe. Put his carcass in a hot car til he dies.

  4. maxiemom says:

    He is 65 years old. He spent five hours in a gym? I know people half his age who CANNOT spend half of that! Are you kidding? He is old enough to know better at that age, and there is no excuse in this world for what he did! All those tears he’s shed will not bring those dogs back, and what was the point of bringing them with him and just leaving them in the car anyway if he was going to be in the gym that long? Stupid old fart needs to be locked in a car under the same circumstances, dressed all in wool, for 5 hours, with the windows up and without any water, so he can see how much fun it is to COOK TO DEATH! At least he can sweat, which is something his dogs could not even do!

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    Another disgusting POS with no regard for his pets. How does someone do this? 5 hours in a gym? Leave your dogs home, they aren’t happy sitting in a hot car waiting for you, you Idiot! I hope they throw the book at this POS, this was so unnecessary!

  6. Saundra I says:

    Make the penalty harsh. Also enact laws that allow good Samaritans to break windows to get pets and children out of hot cars. Whatever laws are in place for young children, the same should be in place for animals. They are just as dependent and vulnerable as young human children

  7. mugsy says:

    The most sickening thing is he was old enough to know better n still did it. I don’t care how old he is he needs to go to prison for a long time. I don’t care if he claims he is sorry or has cried over this. It pales in comparison to what these 3 helpless dogs endured in their final moments. Imagine their sheer terror and pain. And worse all the while thinking their pos owner would come rescue them right away. But no rescue came….and death was a slow painful and emotionally battering experience. He should get the same sentence as if he had killed 3 children. Because what he did was pre meditated murder. There’s no way at his age that he didn’t know you shouldn’t leave animals in a hot car. He even roles all his windows up. .these poor dogs that loved him devoted their lives to him…and there thx…and horrendous death with no one but each other with them.
    I don’t know who you are but you are scum. You deserve to be in jail forever. Maybe we should lock you in a hot car for 5 hrs and let you die. You pos.

  8. Chandan Bose says:

    There is absolutely no point giving unnecessary comments on this. The man has realized his mistake and hopefully he will not repeat in future. Everybody learns from mistakes.

    • Gizmos Mommy says:

      No need to make comments????? Everybody learns from mistakes??? And how exactly do you personally know that he learned from his mistakes??? Really??? What validated evidence are you (not) citing to support that statement? Not everyone learns from mistakes. It is just as ridiculous to say that nobody learns from mistakes as it is to say that everybody learns from mistakes. There’s an in-between large grey area. That person’s “mistake” led to THREE agonizing deaths!!!!! How do you know that he won’t do it again in the future????? If you don’t think that people should be commenting on here, then what are you doing commenting?????

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      It would seem to me the only unnecessary comment on this post is the one you just made. Obviously, you have no compassion for the 3 dogs that lost their lives because he was “learning from his mistake”! He should have known better at his age and what moron takes his 3 dogs to a gym and leaves them in the car if he is going to be there 5 hours. Checking on them might have been warranted every few minutes. I hope he is never allowed to have dogs again, then we won’t have to worry if he repeats such an act in the future.

      • Penny's Dachshund says:

        How Right you are::: People learn from their mistakes when they accidently Shoot themselves in the head too!!! That is what should happen to this POS those dogs didn’t NEED to be his victims to ALLOW HIM to LEARN from his MISTAKE!!! I hope the Person that posted that doesn’t make a mistake in birth control as she sure doesn’t need Kids!!!

  9. Cheryl Gavreluk says:

    The owner needs to be made to sit in that car in the heat for as long as his stupid workout took. People just won’t get it until they have to experience it.

  10. Michelle says:

    I feel guilty running into a rest stop and peeing on a trip for 5 MINUTES, with a locked running AC full blast car with my dogs in it!! I can’t even imagine the stupidity…


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