Rescue takes in heartbreaking case – dog has huge tumor in his mouth

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An ailing dog, who was waiting to be rescued at an open-intake animal shelter in Texas, has been taken under the wing of a rescue organization. Photos of the basset hound, dubbed Marshall, sparked a great deal of interest from social media users this week – he has a massive tumor in his mouth and obviously needs specialized veterinary care.

On Wednesday, Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas wrote:

We’ve received several messages asking if we rescued the Basset from San Antonio suffering from a large mouth tumor.
Yes, we have him. We have named him Marshall and he was pulled from the shelter this afternoon and arrived in Houston around 6 pm.

We have named him Marshall and he was pulled from the shelter this afternoon and arrived in Houston around 6pm.
We don’t have much news to report just yet. Marshall is spending the night in the ER being stabilized. Right now, stabilizing him, running tests, getting him hydrated and controlling his pain levels are top priority.

On Thursday, the rescue group updated Facebook followers, writing:

Quick Marshall update!
He has been released from the ER and is transferring to a top ranked veterinary hospital for additional care and specialist consults.
Marshall is a difficult case and is in a lot of pain but everything is being done to manage that and get him all the help he needs.
Huge thank you to Vergi 24/7 for taking amazing care of Marshall since yesterday, stabilizing him and making him comfortable for his transfer.
We will update as we have more information.

Nobody knows what Marshall’s fate will ultimately be, but he is safe and in good hands until more is known. Follow his story at this link to the rescue group’s Facebook page.

(Images via Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas)

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