Owner issues public warning after dogs nearly died because of their collars

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The owner of two huskies who nearly died is hoping to prevent something similar from happening to other dogs. The woman, named Cindy, made a public Facebook post on July 27 to let people know how her dogs, Emma and Ella, nearly died after one dog’s jaw got stuck in the other dog’s collar.

Cindy writes:

PSA – this is why I use quick release snap buckle collars! Sorry for being graphic but this is important. Ella almost died, like not even seconds away, her tongue was blue and she was barely gasping a breath every 5 seconds.

Recounting how she found her dogs when she went to check on them during playtime:

I saw Emma on top of Ella both laying still and blood everywhere and Emma attached to Ella’s neck. I though she killed her and wouldn’t let go when I grabbed Emma. Emma had her bottom jaw caught on Ella’s collar and then it must have twisted round and round trying to get out making the collar tighter and tighter with every twist.

She describes the life-or-death struggle to release the collar:

I tried to loosen it while I thought Ella dead at first and then is dying. I tried twisting it around with Emma bleeding and jaw in pain, it was hard to twist. I didn’t have a knife to cut it and the snap buckle was so close to the twist I thought for sure Ella was going to die before I could get it loose enough to find the snap. Finally, luckily found the snap enough to release it.

Initially, it seemed as if Ella might not survive the terrifying ordeal – she had collapsed on the ground and was barely breathing. But after some time passed, she began to breathe normally and now both dogs seem to be okay.

But Cindy is no longer going to let her dogs wear collars, she said, “Both girls seem ok now but they will not be wearing collars anymore.”

This is not the first time something like this has happened – and too often, dogs do not survive. Please share this information with others – you might save a life.

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