Family devastated – apartment maintenance worker shot and killed their shepherd puppy

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A family living in a Roswell, Georgia, apartment complex is devastated after a maintenance worker fatally shot their German shepherd puppy, Luna. As reported by WRDW News, the maintenance worker entered the Mejia family’s Enclave at Roswell apartment unit on May 2 and encountered the eight-month-old puppy.

According to a police report, the maintenance worker claims that Luna chased him down the stairs and that he shot her in self-defense. Because of the worker’s claim, no charges were filed because the police have stated that he did nothing criminal.

Yordania Mejia, Luna’s owner, has stated that Luna was friendly and playful, and she questions the worker’s version of what happened. She tells the news agency:

“He was doing self-defense?” Mejia questioned. “[But] he had not been [bitten], he wasn’t scratched, his clothes were not torn apart.”

Questioning the man’s innocence:

“They told me they were sorry, and they had fired him. But if he was right on killing my dog, why did they fire him? That’s what I don’t understand,”

The apartment complex’s corporate owner, First Communities, has not issued a statement to the news agency about what happened.

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  1. Disgusting…….. that POS maintenance employee should have been fired AND the complex should replace the furbaby and provide counseling to the family……. I would move out ASAP……. What if that puppy were a human toddler? Shoot first, “apologize” later???

    Where we have lived in apartments, we have always been given 24 hours notice for entry by maintenance staff (& even in “exigent circumstances”, we have been given time to crate our critters or put them in another area)…….

    Whenever we leave our home, our critters are crated because we are fearful of them getting out and snagged by predators (“anti-craters can f-off” …….. and do what they want with THEIR critters, NOT interested in your blather)…… when you see your neighbors’ Jack Russell carried off by a fast eagle (screaming the whole time in pain and terror, AND there is nothing you can do to save this precious little treasure, I think your opinion in crating critters will change)…….

  2. If a maintenance worker is going to visit your apartment to fix something, you should be notified and given time to put your pet in a safe place. What is a maintenance worker doing going around with a gun to begin with? Since when is it necessary for doing your job? I feel for this family losing their puppy like this, I would be suing someone!

    • I agree: the complex AND former maintenance worker should be sued.

      No reason for anyone who is working maintenance to carry a loaded gun……..


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