Carriage horse that collapsed on street was malnourished and older than driver said

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Ryder, the carriage horse who collapsed on a street in Manhattan, New York, earlier this month, was malnourished and much older than the driver claimed. As reported by the NY Post, Ian McKeever, Ryder’s owner and the driver on the day the horse collapsed, told responding police officers that his horse was 13-years-old. Ryder is actually 28 to 30 years of age.

Witnesses of Ryder’s collapse were outraged when they saw McKeever repeatedly whip his horse in an effort to get him to stand.

After an hour, the exhausted horse was finally back on his feet.

Though Tony Utano, President of Transport Workers Union Local 100, stated that people should not “rush to judgment” about Ryder’s collapse, it appears that the senior horse was indeed exhausted on the day that he went down.

According to the Post, the horse has been retired and he is now living on an upstate farm. Activists fear that is not truly the case. Edita Birnkrant, executive director of the animal rights group NYCLASS, told the news agency:

“How can anyone possibly believe a word they say? We are very concerned that Ryder will simply be euthanized by the same callous people who knowingly forced him to pull a carriage while sick, malnourished and elderly.”

Prior article about Ryder’s collapse in Manhattan at this link.

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  1. Poor horse. I think it’s absolutely disgusting that horses are made to walk on cement. And in very hot, humid weather………

    Unless they are wearing “proper horseshoes”, it’s terrible for their hooves and joints……

    Our family horses are pampered and very loved. All companion animals deserve to be beloved family members. It’s absolutely heartbreaking that not everyone values companion animals…….

    I hope the “retirement” ranch is really a retirement ranch (& not a kill auction yard)………

  2. The city needs to see proof Ryder has been retired and set free. I know in my heart he went to auction and killed. These carriage people are the biggest horse abusers. And ex NYC Bill Deblasio is the biggest liar because he promised to stop this cruelty and end horse carriage rides. A horse that old shouldn’t be used for anything!!!


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