Central Park woman who called cops on black man surrendered unleashed dog

Social media erupted on Monday after a woman in Central Park was seen in a video grabbing and dragging a struggling dog by his neck harness after she called the cops on a black man. The woman in the video was identified as Amy Cooper, an insurance investment executive at Franklin Templeton.

Cooper has since been placed on administrative leave while the investment company investigates.

The video footage was posted on Twitter by the black man’s sister, Melody Cooper and begins with the masked woman walking in Bramble with her dog unleashed. Signs clearly state all dogs must be leashed at all times. The man who videoed the incident, Christian Cooper, is an avid bird watcher. And that is when the disturbing incident began.

The man began filming because he sensed she was going to “go full on Karen; a term used in social media for white women who call the cops on black neighbors for nothing important.

When the man asked the woman to leash her dog, she refused and marched towards the man who decided to film the incident.

“Please don’t come close to me,” the man can be heard several times as the woman approached and demanded he stop videoing.

The woman then threatened to call 911 and the man urged her to do so.

“Please call the cops,” the man responded.

“I’m going to tell them there’s an African American man threatening my life,” Amy stated.

“Please tell them whatever you like,” the man said.

The woman then pulled her mask down and got on the phone telling police that an African American man wearing a bicycle helmet was recording her and threatening her dog. All the while, the woman dragged the dog by his halter and leash as the dog struggled to get free.

When police arrived, the report stated two individuals had been in a verbal dispute, no summons were issued and each person left the area.

The video went viral and the comments on social media were not kind to Amy Cooper, the woman who didn’t think she had to leash her dog and demanded the man stop videoing.

In an NbcNews phone interview later in the day, Cooper apologized to Christian Cooper.

“I sincerely and humbly apologize to everyone, especially to that man, his family. It was unacceptable and I …”

And then followed the social outrage of animal cruelty as the dog was seen in the video struggling as Cooper grabbed and dragged him around while making the undeserved drama. She has since surrendered the dog to Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue .

“Thank you to the concerned public for reaching out to us about a video involving a dog that was adopted from our rescue a few years ago. As of this evening, the owner has voluntarily surrendered the dog in question to our rescue while this matter is being addressed. Our mission remains the health and safety of our rescued dogs. The dog is now in our rescue’s care and he is safe and in good health. We will not be responding to any further inquiries about the situation, either publicly or privately. Thank you for your understanding.”

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4 replies
  1. Tana Taylor says:

    She seemed completely unaware that she was literally almost strangling her dog to death by handling it by the collar and the majority of the time not even allowing the dog’s front paws to touch the ground. That’s crazy bad.

  2. Carol Green says:

    I literally wanted to throttle that idiot with my bare hands. I’m glad the dog is no longer with such an ignorant mutant.

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    Not sure why this individual didn’t have her dog leashed. I would always leash my dog just to ensure he does not run away and get hit by a car……

    Many bird watchers are passionate about their interests. Dogs can easily kill or injure birds or destroy ground level nests (good reasons to keep them leashed).

    Clearly this individual should not have any pets if she can’t obey “common sense” rules or treat them well…..


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