Man accused of fatally shooting two dogs on front porch of home

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A man in Sumner County, Tennessee, allegedly shot and killed a family’s two dogs who were on the front porch of their home. As reported by News Channel 5, the cruel incident took place on Tuesday morning near Hendersonville.

The dogs’ owner, Daina Spisak, recounted the horrible situation in a public Facebook post:

This morning at approximately 10:20 AM, a man came into my driveway and shot my dogs right by my house. The police have taken a statement.
He emptied a handgun on them and then got shotgun and came to my door. He tried to get in.
I hid under my porch. He fled before the police got here.
I do believe that he was going to shoot me as well.

This is the second time this man has pointed a gun at me and my dogs on my property. I do not know this man. I’ve never seen them before May 7.
I don’t have any issues with anyone. My dogs are on my property. They don’t bark etc…

Sumner County deputies were searching for the man and according to a post to social media on Wednesday morning, a man has been arrested. Spisak wrote:

The man came back. The police have him in custody.
We are incredibly relieved right now. I was in the hospital recovery room with Don when I got several phone calls from my big kids and Sumner Co Sherriff dept. They informed me that the man came back and he was in custody. Major Bailey never let the man get out of the truck. They had him in custody before he could get out. My kids were at “the ready” and saw the man pull in. The best possible outcome. Thank god he didn’t get to my kids. I cannot thank the Sumner co. sheriff dept enough for their amazing work.

Man shot two dogs on porch

(Sketch of suspect)

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